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  • When: 3/7/2018
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Daewoo, Shark Bait, Velma, Dough Boy, Zebra, Steam Engine

So for those of you who have totally abandoned the poor old ……we miss you……it misses you…..we’ll aim better next time.  Maybe after all of the p200 training is over, we’ll get back to our flourishing almost double digit numbers at the bestest and sketchiest AO on Wed.

So the Q that was on the schedule was unable to make it this Wed. so we were going to group q it until Daewoo looked at yhc and said “unless you want to do it”….no more questions!

So i figured we’d try to get some mileage in since several of the 7…thats right people 7 PAX at OG….are doing p200.  We went for our traditional trip to the BC and did some merkins and LBC’s. We then proceeded to go half way up Suck Hole Hill to the playground where we did a ladder of sorts with pull ups on the monkey bars. 5 pull ups, lap all the way around the playground; rinse and repeat taking one pull up off the count every time until you hit 0.  Back to the mosey, onto what has become the pre-run route for OG…past the church and around the corner….down the road until you get to the abandoned strip mall.  A lap around and behind the super sketchy building and through the parking lot.  Down to the Arby’s and take a couple laps around the building…back to the flag….ended up being right around 3 miles.

Not a whole lot of MC…but its always a good time….Daewoo took the COT for me, I’m sure he nailed it!

Patti Out

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