Bring on Daylight Savings!

  • When: 03/10/2018
  • QIC: Kleenex
  • The PAX: Twig, TaterHole, Weed, Chewy

F3 @ 3/10/18. 6:30am
Q: Kleenex.
PAX: Twig/TaterHole/Weed/Chewy
Temp: 36 degrees

Disclaimer/warm up
Shoulder Circles (fwd & back)
Catcher Squats
Rockin Moroccans
Shoulder Circles (fwd & back)
Hillbillies (walk fwd & back)

Mosey to front of SCHS: grab a bench
Incline Merkins
Standard Dips
Incline Merkins
Russian Dips (right leg up)
Incline Merkins
Russian Dips (left leg up)

Mosey to Hill Blackjacks/21s:
First set: 20 Merkins; 1 LBC
*modified every other even

Mosey to Pull-Up Bar:
Over-Grip Wide (AMRAP)
Squats (AMRAP)
Under-Grip Narrow (AMRAP)
Squats (AMRAP)

Mosey to brick pile then: CLIP
Colt 45s (15,15,15)
Imperial Stormtroopers

Mosey to softball field:
“STARWARS” base stations
1 – Squats
2 – Thrusts
3 – AMER Hammers
4 – Rotating Merkins
1 – Werkins
2 – AMER Hammers
3 – RBCs
4 – Squats

Mosey to start:
Run between the Buses (8ttl)

Mosey back to Start, drop to your six:
Freddie Mercury
Caitlyn Jenners
Dying Cockroach
Flutter Kicks

COT: Sound Off, Name’o’rama, Devotion, and Prayers.

Devotion: 1 Kings 3:3/ 1 Kings 5:5/ 1 Kings 11:9. In order: King Solomons MORNING, NOONTIME, and EVENING.

Morning. Early on he was positively influenced by his father David and studied The Lords Statues. He was also faithful in his Obedience to giving his portion to The Lord after he received the Wisdom from the Lord and began to show influence.

Noontime. Because of Gods favor on Solomon, He permitted Solomon to build the Temple for Gods people. It was part of Solomons Faithfulness to God he was granted the privilege to do so.

Evening. And this is my point for our application. Solomon was leading, in all categories. He was at the top of his game. I mean, here is this man who God spoke to not once, but twice! (see ch.3 & 9). Yet even Solomon “turned away from The Lord”. How?

How does a guy with everything (read Ecclesiastes) lose his faith, knowing what his God had provided him?

Many Men may hold high regards for Solomon, and even find many similarities with his pursuits. Men “like” Solomon we see in our world, our work, even our families. It’s awesome to know a “Warren Buffet” or a “Bill Gates”, but it’s especially amazing when those Men are walking with The Lord AND have “everything”. Sometimes we focus on the “stuff” and are impressed at ability to either manage or accumulate much. But if we aren’t careful, Men can easily ‘turn away’, just like Solomon.

We know guys who this has happened to. We live among guys who this is happening to. The adversary is working overtime in our media and society today, trying to “turn Men away”. Do you see this? And does our knowing this change the outcome? My challenge: pursue the Solomons in your Life. And with your love for them, lead by the Holy Spirits Power and Presence, God CAN reach them!

So, the take away is simple: stay humble, don’t get distracted. Remain among and within Godly influences, Remain in Gods statutes (His Word), and Remain humble in asking for His Wisdom (as He will give you opportunity to display it).

And above all, try to avoid 700wives and 300concubines. 😏

Prayers: CHEWYs mom, tumors removed in OCT, still have lesions in bladder; she had a check Wed of next week, lives in Warner Robbins GA. WEED: his wife’s bestie Wendy, her husband has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. TWIG & WEEDs moms, aging and Parkinson’s, can’t walk well. The OTHER PAX, Rocky Face participants, and Lenoirs THE DEN participants celebrating 1yr!!


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