Snowy OG

  • When: 03/14/1987
  • QIC: Sooner
  • The PAX: Steam Engine, Patty Mayo, Zebra, Shark Bait, Daewoo, Velma, Doughboy

4 Pax met early for a pre-run, but were “running” a bit late.  The 4 other PAX got started in the parking lot right on time.

We started out with some SSH, Humpies, ATT, and Windmills.  We skipped the obligatory run to Burke County because there was still no sign of the pre-runners.

We started in the parking lot at the bottom of the big hill for some exercises and running up and down the hill.

20 Imperial Storm Troopers at the bottom of the hill, run to the first plateau for 5 merkins, back down for 20 IST.  Up to the second plateau 10 merkins, back down for 20 IST, etc etc for 15,20,15,10,5 merkins going up and down the hill stopping at the plateaus and back down for 20 IST.

Rinse and Repeat with American Hammers at the bottom and 5,10,15,20,15,10,5 lunges.

Sometime halfway through the first set the pre-runners joined us…and it started to SNOW.  YHC is kind of a wimp and maybe has only done 1 F3 workout in the snow.  I usually avoid them like the plague, but this time faked me out.

We skipped the 3rd set of hill running which would have involved burpees.  You’re welcome.

Mosey up the hill to the play ground for some horizontal rows and slow squats.  5 sets of 10 (each exercise).  Back down the hill to the bleachers.  15 Tricep Dips IC, 3 sets of 15 incline merkins and squats.

Mosey back to the parking lot for 7 minutes of Mary.  We went around the circle and each person led an exercise.  Big Boy Situps, Pretzels, LBCs, Flutter Kicks, 6″, Dolly, and a few others.


Patty Mayo got the good news of a 2 Hr delay, and joined us for the WOD

WOD Numbers 6: 24-26

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