Good Friday

  • When: 03/30/18
  • QIC: Flamer
  • The PAX: Plank, Markup, Cropduster (Ruckers), Cousin Eddie, Skaggs, Goodwill, Patty Mayo, Phlegm, Sooner, Publix, Funyun, Herniator, FNG Socrates, Cheese Wiz, Humpy, HBC, Flamer

It was a Good Friday.  Finally a warmer day where you don’t have to pull a Powder and wear 4 layers. (Where were you Powder?  There was a nice cool breeze this morning too.

Warmup: SSH, 5 Burpees

And it’s on!  Mosey to benched for dips x 12 and incline merkins x 12

Mosey to Frye Hospital Hill for some slow merkins at the bottom and run back up Hospital hill; Mosey to Cemetery Hill for some suicides up the hill.  5 Burpees at the bottom run up to cross walk sign then back down for 5 Burpees, back up to street light back down for 5 Burpees and so on for a couple more Hill repeats (just trying to keep you SMR boys ready…Are you SMR tough?). I jokingly called on CE for the 10 count because I know he hates it when the Q calls on the last or tired guy for 10 count.  BTW I do too.  Call on the most rested or 1st guy to finish people.  Or as Abraham would say don’t do 10 counts they’re for the weak!  A couple of the pax weren’t happy about the hill repeats I heard a bit of grumbling.

Mosey to YMCA for some rock work.  I grabbed a really big rock. TWSS so we passed ours to the left after the first exercise, sorry Funyun.  Curls, Overhead Press, and more curls x 20

Mosey to the giant wall.  In honor of TF, I call a giant wall climb and the look on the faces was great.  Remember when we really did that…that was quite crazy!

Mosey back to the flag.  Oh wait there was no flag!  Oh wait the Master Q wasn’t there.  Where were you Kapowski?  Well at least you won’t forget the flag…  We ended a couple mins early so I called 5 more Burpees and then we still had 2 min left so I called 5 more Burpees and 20 LBC’s.

3.4 miles and some Hill work! Great work this morning men!  It was a Good Friday!

Welcome FNG Socrates.  I’m not sure how and when we picked you up.  I just saw you in the COT and was like hey there new guy.  Ok let’s give him a name!

Missed the following guys:

Jordache-crying in the fetal position because he still can’t figure out why his child has red hair

Fuse-was sore from Bing’s slap on the butt

Bing-was busy shopping online for the next gadget

Powder-had to go to his cousins, sisters, nephews baby shower

Suppository-was online shopping for lululemon (when do they start selling men’s clothes)

Kapowski-hanging out with Bob Costas…oh wait or was it Jim Nantz…same thing

Retread-trying to decide whether he’s going to take the $25,000 in cash or the mustang from his grand prize winnings

Beaker-home in bed eating oatmeal creme pies

WOD Romans 5:6-8  While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.  Praise be to God!!!

Have a blessed Easter!