Everyone take a turn….

  • When: 04/10/2018
  • QIC: Group Effort
  • The PAX: Goodwill, PBR, Swinger, Woodie, BabyFace

5 PAX showed up this AM to get better, but our Q had taken himself out on a run the previous day(Get well soon DB!) So, it was a Q by committee kind of day for . Work out was…..

BabyFace on warmup:

  • 20 SSHs
  • 15 Imperial Stormtroopers
  • 15 Abagodas(or however you spell that!)
  • 15 Hairy Rockettes

Arm Circle – 15 forward, 15 backward, 15 chinooks (extra credit for PBR on one foot, Karate Kid style)

Woodie took over – Mosey up the block to a nice wall. 10 LBCs and then climb the wall, 9 LBCs and climb, 8 and climb….down to 1.

PBR was up next – Mosey to a set of stairs. 10 flights up and down as a group(and also an invite to mountain biking with PBR)

Swinger took control – Mosey to a wall for some seated position exercises:

  • Muhammad Alis
  • Joe Fraziers
  • Wonder Bras
  • Finished with Itsy Bitsy Spiders(aka Dirty Hookups)

Goodwill on point next – Mosey back to AO. Grab some blocks and work IC:

  • 20 Bench Press
  • 20 Curls
  • 15 Overhead Press
  • 20 Copperhead Bench Press(start extended arms and slowly drop on 3 counts, then back up fast on 4)
  • 15 Copperhead Press
  • Colt 45s(15 low curls, 15 high curls, 15 full curls)

BabyFace finished up – Time with Mary! FALCON!!! All IC, back to back…

  • 15 Freddie Mercuries
  • 15 American Hammers
  • 15 LBCs
  • 15 Crunchy Frogs
  • 15 Oblique Crunches (each side)
  • 15 Ninja Rolls (like an RBC, except named ninja rolls)

Word of the Day : Luke 24 25-32

COT by Rev Goodwill


  • Lot of illness and injuries for our PAX and their families. Thoughts and Prayers out to all!!
  • The Lenoir men are officially done with cold. Ready for spring temps!
  • Goodwill is ready for the pulpit! Yours truly was rambling about nothing and he stepped up with a meaningful message on the fly. Nice word OG!

BabyFace out!




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