If Ram and OG had a baby……It would look a lot like this mornings workout!!

  • When: 04/11/18
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Velma, Daphne, Publix, Patti Mayo

So YHC realizes that its been a while since some of the HKY boys have experienced the glory that is…; I thought I would reference some highlights that have been occurring there in the weeks that everyone has been furiously training for relays and have thrown poor by the wayside!Thanks to the River Walk Bonanza going on down there, the available not so sketchy workout and running space is growing at a surprising rate.  The same sketchy rolling hills and thrills are all still there but she is definitely getting a facelift and may make a nice little AO after all.

As for this morning, three brave souls showed up at 4:50…ish for a pre run which we have started doing now down the greenway to the park and back which makes for a nice little 3 mile round tripper.  After returning we were greeted by Publix who was the lone hky representative at the OG this morning.  YHC took a last minute Q for Daewoo since he’s “out of town” which is probably code for “Im on another cruise”; we’re on to you Daewoo!!

In honor of the OG face lift, YHC decided to take advantage of the greenway again so thats where most of the fun happened.  Warm up…blah, blah.  Took off up the hill of death, which was its name today, and stopped by the playground….dudes, on a playground, in the dark….only F3 baby!!  Went to the monkey bars for some burpee pull ups which are exactly what they sound like and suck just as much as you would imagine.  After a set of 5,4,3,2,1 of those while the other partner held 6 inches, we moseyed down to the greenway and took off into the wilderness.  We stopped ant the 1st bench we saw for some tricep dips while the other partner flutter kicked….10,8,6,4,2. Went to the end of the greenway to the park….realized we were running short on time…..took the main road back up, stopped for some LBC’s along the way, and ended up back in the good ol’ parking lot!  For all you hard core Arrowers, YHC ended up with 6.2 miles total between the pre run and the workout…. we run at OG too!

WOD….we talked about prayer and talking to the lord the same way you would talk to a significant other or a family member.  Would your relationship with your spouse be the same as it is if you only talked to her the way you prayed?  FFT….(Food for Thought)

Patti Out

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