A little softball at the mount

  • When: 4/17/18
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Has Been, Atari, Short Sale, Velma, Doughboy, Patti Mayo

YHC saw a post on the book of faces yesterday morning that said today isn’t April 16th its actually January 127th or something to that affect.  Let me tell ya what, it sure felt like it outside this morning….saw a nice crisp 32 degrees on tap for the morning and it felt pretty accurate.  YHC loves Christmas like a fat kid loves cake, but I’m about ready to bid adieu to the cold!!

The thang….Warm ups…blah,blah…

Did a ring of fire with push ups but did it a little differently; each man went to the lower end of a push up and held it until it came back around and did the up part of the push up and held it till it came back around, and so on and so forth for a 20 count.  Turns out it was a lot more fun than you would think because everyone was counting in weird voices which as unexpected but made it much more interesting.

Moseyed the long way around to the wall for some tricep dips; gotta get those soccer arms ready for the beach!!  Then we moseyed across 127 to the softball field behind Lowe’s Foods.  Complements of Cuz who q’d at  YHC’s 1st whipping stick, we did the base running with an exercise adding 5 at each base. We did squats, LBC’s to get nice and dirty,(the infield had that nice dewey consistency where the dirt really sticks to ya!) and finally push-ups.  Then we did some spokes just to add to the suck factor. 1st base Wide merkins, 2nd-diamond merkins, 3rd- hr merkins, home- merkins…5 burpees at the mound between each exercise at the bases..same this with a round of Abs but only did 1,2,3,4 burpees in the middle between each one!  Mosey back to the flag and Shorty took the COT so YHC could GO!

Patti Out

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