The Faithful 5

  • When: 4/24/2018
  • QIC: Twin
  • The PAX: Baby Face, PBR, Swinger, Spokes

I knew I could count on Baby Face, Spokes and PBR. Like a jerk, I left out Swinger in our group chat. He reminded me that he has truly joined the ranks as Prison Breaks core group. And you know what? He was right. My man has come a long way. Looking slim, Swinger. He also brings the humor. He’s a bit quiet most of the time, but when he speaks up, Its always hilarious.

I’ll be honest, it took a lot of motivation to get up this morning. These men had to dig deep and take their #DRP. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t happy about having the Q this morning. Power was out last night. I didn’t sleep well. As I lie in bed thinking to myself, “Man, I could really just fartsack my Q…..I mean…..Audit has done it like 5 times and no one is mad at him.” As it got closer to 5 o’clock I knew I had to climb out of bed…..change my Maxi Pad…..then get out in the gloom.

I pulled in and there they were…..The Faithful. I really can’t say enough about these men. These guys are there consistently. Its nice to have that safety net. Those guys you can count on. That’s what makes F3 what it is. Don’t get me wrong, we have several that are at PB 90% of the time and they are all great guys as well. But these 4 dudes are gonna be there no matter what. They hold me accountable just by their actions. Well done men……..Well done.

For all you other fartsackers, I know you all had legitimate reasons for missing. I was hoping the Glow Run training would get all your runners out, but the cold rain prevailed. Next time, we’ll do better.

The Thang

We ran most of the Blackberry Glow Run course







We put in right at 2.5 miles. We stopped along the way and did a little of this and that. There were some LAC, RLAC, Al Gores, Planks, SSH, IST, Clock Work Merkins on a Hill, Humpies, ATT. Standard issue type stuff.

Much to my delight, There was enough time to put in some block work at the end. All IC to 20

  • Curls for Snips
  • Over-Head Press
  • Squats


With the power of the Holy Spirit in all of us, sin now becomes a choice. The non-believer cannot withstand the temptations of Satan. However, the believer has the ability to. At that point, it a choice. My prayer is that we always choose God over ourselves.


  • It was rainy and cold……but it was a blast
  • The Blackberry Route is brutal…..and we didn’t even have time for the worst part of it
  • Swinger reminded us that the grass is only greener…….where you water it
  • I think PBR is secretly a runner. He didn’t even look tired
  • I was just helping Spokes train for the race he will likely win in July!
  • Baby Face had a demogorgon trying to crawl in his shoe while we were doing block work. But he wasn’t afraid. He didn’t drop his block and run for his life. Wait, is that what happened???
  • I saved Baby Faces life today. All in a days work
  • I enjoyed it men! Thanks for coming out to push me to get better!

Twin out!

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