A Group Thang

  • When: 5/8/2018
  • QIC: Swinger, Goodwill, Spokes, Twin, PBR, Baby Face, Friar
  • The PAX: Swinger, Goodwill, Spokes, Twin, PBR, Baby Face, Friar

Awesome! Wile E is on Q this morning. Its been awhile since he’s been out to because work is brutal, but its always good to have him out. I really wanted to fart-sack this morning, but I can’t sleep in on Wile E.

As I’m pulling in, I see the Flash. Literally, he’s wearing flashing lights. The reflectors on his vest are blinding me. It went by in a blur. Whoever it was, he was booking it. I get out of the car to join in the warm up…….BUT WAIT! Where is Wile E? Was he the Flash I saw earlier? I was a little skeptical to join in the warm up, especially because Friar we doing it and he’s normally angry when he Qs. To my surprise it was the last exercise in the warm-up. But I still didn’t know where Wile E was. Then Swinger says “Lets Mosey!” Then I knew it. Wile E fartsacked his Q. To his defense, he was sick. And to be honest I’m glad he didn’t come and get the rest of us sick. We are all praying he gets better soon so he can come out and join us…

“But what about the Flash?” I call out to the group as they are leaving the AO. They replied, “Oh, don’t worry. Its just Spokes. He will catch up and lap all of us in a few minutes.” Spokes really is ridiculous. Any man that can Pre-Run Prison Break running the black Berry route at a 7:17 pace is just annoying…….I mean is in incredible shape.

So F3 Lenoir is getting pretty good at this whole “Group Q” concept. Wheather it be sickness, injury, or a good ole fartsack we seem to been very efficient in a Group Q. Everyone gets a turn and we end on time.
Its pretty impressive. So here is how it went…

Swinger’s up first

We took a short mosey to a parking lot adjacent to the Police Station

“Partner Quarter Pounders, with 10 merkins 20 squats, 30 lunges, 40 SSH”

I had Next

Mosey to the loading dock for some 11’s.

“Start with 10 Merkins and 1 WW2. Jump the wall. 9 Merkins and 2 WW@. Jump the Wall. Completed this rotation until we reached 1 Merkin and 10 WW2”

PBR was next in-line

Oh great! PBR got a turn! I guess that means we are going to go run stairs for the remainder of the workout. I will likely break something or die, while he is running up and down for a solid hour and never breaking a sweat. #PBRStrong

Wait?!?!?! We are running the opposite direction of the steps! Praise Jesus! We ended up in a parking lot.

PBR: “Lets do suicides. Touch every line”

Me: “I’m sorry. What did you say?”

PBR: “Touch every line”

Me: “There are at least 30 lines”

PBR: “Exercise!”

Me: “I hate you”

RevOGGoodwillCherryPOTUS had next

He ran us back to the main street where we lined up and did 1 Burpee at every light we crossed. Stop Lights, street lights, anything that was lit……we did a Burpee. Down and back.

BabyFace had next

“mosey to old PO, 5 laps up and around the stairs….just for PBR.” I thought I made it. I thought I bypassed the stair BS. Seriously Man?!?!?!?!

Then Spoke took us back to the AO for that darn San Antonio

“Time with Mary: Lowe Flutters 15 IC, 10 second 6″ hold ’em up, Dollies 15 IC 10 second 6″ hold ’em up, Wheezy Jeffersons 15 IC, 6″ hold ’em up, American Hammers 15 IC, Plank Medley (Standard, RAH, LAH, RLH, LLH, RALL, LALL), 30 second Mission Impossible”

Then Friar just dropped the COT on us right off the dome. It was encouraging! It was good to see DB when we got back to the AO. He had just ran 4.5 miles, but stopped by to be a part of the time with Mary and COT. I thought that was cool. Oh……and then he ran home.

Twin Out

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