Classy OG

  • When: 5/9/2018
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Steam Engine, Daewoo, Patti Mayo

There was only a lonely three at the area’s premier AO this morning; but it only takes two to tango….and tango we did.  Three mile pre-run, followed by a tour of the newer, nicer .

It’s amazing how different things start to look this time of year when you can actually see where your going and your surroundings start to take shape as opposed to dark nothingness where the streets all look the same.  We were all warm from the pre-run so we took a little jog down to Burke County for some merkins and LBC’s.  After which we headed back up to the top of suck mountain for a round of curbkins and LBC’s.  We then proceeded to the entrance to the greenway, but we were enamored by the beauty that was the new parking lot and park building down by the tennis courts.  We toured the lot and then went down to the courts.  Even the quality of sketchy situations has improved from the start of OG.  For those of you that were at the workout when we went up to the same area but it was the old gravel “parking lot” where we saw the beater car with two people “sitting” in it or whatever they were doing……. This morning-similar but totally different situation…two people in a parked car in the parking lot that happened to be a new hard top jeep wrangler in awesome condition…..RIGHT?!?! Left the parking lot, back to the flag, done and done.  For all of you adamant Arrowers, it was 5.3 miles with the pre-run and the workout….just sayin.

COT- talked about raising generations of christians.

Patti Out…..

P.S. for those of you who don’t recognize what this is….its called a BackBlast!!

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