Hey, Watch iss!!!

  • When: 05/26/2018
  • QIC: Swinger
  • The PAX: The Friar (deep frier), Double Bogey, Babyface, Goodwill cherry potus OG, Audit, Grout, Twin

It was an early Saturday morning for QIC, he needed one more thang to complete this workout! If only he had a way to let the group decide…

QIC reminded them I’m in no way a professional, so don’t blame me if you’re workout isn’t suffieicient, we sometimes get up for easy.

Let’s go


  • SSH ICx30 (pax started wondering after 20 if this was the workout and not just a warmup
  • ATT ICx15
  • Humpies
  • Were there more?
  • I can’t remember… I sort of just made this part up on the fly
  • this weekend ends with Memorial Day And I found a “Flyover salute” on the lexicon and decided we would honor those who gave their all with 10 burpees for every plane (or bird flyover), upon seeing 5 or so birds flyover and Frier reminding QIC of the 20 some Geese at the entrance we agreed one salute per station was sufficient!  And gave our first salute OYO at the AO.

The Thang

  • Mosey to Track/Football stadium
    • Why not make it an Indian run (Swinger despises Indian runs)
    • better yet let’s zig zag through the line and make it a black snake run!
    • Watch out for babyface he likes to trip! (Grout was not injured)
  • Bear Crawl 123’s partner up
    • 100 merkins
    • 200 LBC
    • 300 squats
    • Bear crawl quickly turned into duck walks
    • Some duck walks strangely turned into orangutan walks!!!
  • Black Snake mosey to nearby wall
    • Pretty sure babyface complained there wasn’t any upper body so QIC fixed that
  •  Crazy Indian Run anyone?!
    • PAX line up and go BTTW (balls to the wall) then pax on end drops runs to the other end of the line and joins back in BTTW this continues until we ran out of wall!
    • Lets continue that black snake mosey to the tennis courts!
    •  “Bird!!!” (I think this was Audit) time for a 10 burpee flyover salute
    • finish our black snake run into the tennis courts
  • Now for that group participation and a little time with Mary!
  • Ever heard of “Hey watch iss??” It’s on the lexicon and it really helped to finish out the day!!! So in my best hillbilly accent QIC yelled through the mumble chatter “hey watch iss…. then performed a burpee… betcha can’t do 10…”  pretty sure babyface was expecting some sort of show he never bought tickets for with such a performance from Swinger! So the rest of the group have to perform what was hollered.  This continues around the circle
  • Grout – I can’t remember what we did here but I’m sure it was so painful I had to mentally block it out of my memory)
  • Friar – “50 squats” (my legs especially hate him and me a day later)
  • Double bogey – “6 mile run” we all said nope “50 smurf jacks” (again with the legs? Can we please mix in some abs?)
  • Goodwill – “100 count glute bridge” he counted and it was more like 300
  • get ready for the abs
  • Audit – in the best hillbilly accent of them all “hey watchiss (American hammer) betchee can’t do 30”
  • Babyface – 25 crunchy frogs
  • Twinsanity – 10 merkin ring of Fire! (All hold plank one at a time each completed 10 merkins)

Now’s a great time to Sloooowsey back to the A/O


All gave some; Some gave all!

We are so honored to live in a country with so many freedoms provided us by a brave group of men and women who agreed our freedom was worth fighting for.  While all gave some, we are especially humbled that some would pay the ultimate sacrifice with their lives.  Please remember their family and friends this weekend while we enjoy grillouts and time with the ones we love!

And Lets also remember that ONE man paid that ultimate sacrifice for the World!!

“Christ suffered for our sins once for all time. He never sinned, but he died for sinners to bring you safely home to God. He suffered physical death, but he was raised to life in the Spirit.”
‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭3:18‬ ‭NLT‬‬


friar enlightened us on time with Mary being a reference to 6 min abs quote and scene from movie “Something about Mary”

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