Whipping Stick, Chapter 4

  • When: 06/09/18
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Doughboy, Beaker, Tooth Fairy, Billy jean, Papas Fritas, Publix, Mollasass, Cousin Eddie, Freud, Goodwill

Weather:  Dang near perfect

Sunrise:  Dang near perfect.  As Abe would say “Look at the Big Man showing off again”

Dealio:  We all have chapters in our lives.  is no exception.  ’s Chapter One started back in ’14 when some dudes met at CVCC to start this thing.  That was a great AO that was flanked by Dunkin Donuts and Chic Wig (at the mall) but it had it limitations.  The main limitation was that it was not in anyone’s Village* and it took some strategic planning to get there.  We’ll call Chapter One the Honeymoon

Chapter Two – the Golden Age – started when the powers that be decided sometime around ’15 to move it to Northview.  This move is commonly known around campfire circles as The Damn Great Idea.  It was done to attract some of the newer, handsomer, start-ups that struggled to make the trek out to CVCC because NV was in everyone’s Village.  Not sure who gets credit for this, but it was a brilliant move (or…a great idea).  Northview basically has all of the benefits of a good AO that CVCC has, without the Chic Wig/Dunkin Donuts traffic.  Good set of stairs, great short hill, bleachers, 2 fairly brutal hills, baseball field, etc.   The great T-Bone Q’d every week and he flat laid out some snot wogglers for you.  They were brutal**, attendance was solid.  Things were rolling.

Enter Chapter Three.  Chapter Three is known as The Dark Ages.  Any pax had a really good chance of pulling up to an empty parking lot.  Or a lot with 2 cars in it.  Or worse yet you’d pull up and there would be one dude standing in the parking lot, and that one dude was hoping that no one else would show up.  Our veteran pax were hurt, had moved, or decided to post with another AO***.  Our young, spry, Millennial crowd hadn’t embraced Saturdays as a day for a workout****.  We struggled to have enough to make a dang circle.  The running joke was to Triangle Up when we started the workout.  This went from an odd streak of poor attendance to months and months of 2 or 3 posting at the max.

Chapter Four, Rehab:  Whipping Stick is back baby.  We have a good core of pax that have become regulars.  Those regulars have done a solid job of not just posting, but getting other pax to start posting.  Now Whipping Stick is like herpes.  Once you get it, you get it for life.  Keep it up men, and we’ll give herpes to everyone!  You really do need to post here, it’s got it all:  a bit of suck, lots of fun, mumblechatter is Bar None, and afterwards you can watch all 89 pounds of Tooth Fairy chow down on not one, but two Bacon Egg and Cheese sammys at Homers.  COME ON AND POST.


Couple of warmups.  Standard issue stuff:  SSH, Jane Fondas, Humptys

Warm up lap

Down to the football field.  It become immediately obvious to us that aforementioned field was heavily dewed (is that a term?).  After just a couple of steps, our feet were soaking wet*****.  Original call was walking squats to 50 yard line.  Yes, I called walking squats.  Someone please demo that.  YHC meant to say Walking Lunges, but the pax quickly caught on due to my perfect form WL’s.

Squats x 20

Sprint to end zone

Sprint back to 50 yard line

Some of the crew was belly aching about how wet their twinkle toes were so we called a Tunnel of Love.  Now we were wet all over*****.  Dripping wet in fact******.

Bear crawl to the bleachers.

Sprint to bottom of hill

Merkin/Squat ladder: 10 merkins at bottom/1 squat at top.  You know the drill.

Backwards run up hill

Mosey towards Publix****** and exercises on your 6 for the 6

Mosey towards the world’s slowest grading site

Turn into the world’s slowest grading site

Found a drainage ditch/hole with a bunch of various sized rocks.  Grab a rock and circle up.

Curls IC x10

rotate rocks to your right

Curls IC x10

rotate rock

Curls IC x10


Curls IC x10


Curls IC x10


Overhead press x10

Since we got our rocks off*****, we had to put our rocks back

Mosey back to the flag for 15 minutes of Ultimate

WOD:  World War II story of NUTS! and the men at Bastogne.  Read it here:  https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/nuts-why-remembering-christmas-1944-can-change-your-life/

  • * your Village is everything that encompasses a roughly 2 mile radius from your house.
  • **especially when you were over-served the night before
  • ***not that there’s anything wrong w/ that
  • ****most still haven’t
  • *****TWSS
  • ******the Publix, not Keith Williams Publix
  • been a bit preachy lately to some of the fine men of F3.  You didn’t think I was going to stop, did you?:  you really should post at Whipping Stick.  It’s more fun that you think*
    • *YHC will be out of town for the next two Whipping Sticks, but don’t let that stop you from posting, ok?
  • Current demographics will show a strong percentage of 38-44 year olds that currently post at WS.
  • Current demographics will show a horrible percentage of 20-37 year olds that currently post at WS.
  • Current demographics will show a horribly worse percentage of 45-62 year olds that currently post at WS.

Ed out

See you out there somewhere.

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