The Station: if only we had one more…

  • When: 07/05/18
  • QIC: MedBall
  • The PAX: Trigger, Chicken Little, YHC

This Q was built for 4, yet YHC adapted, overcame adversity, and modified to test the 3 dedicated PAX that showed up to get better, today.

Warm-up: SSH IC x15, Windmills IC x10, Squats IC x10, ATT’s IC x 10, Little Arm Circles Fwd/Bkwd IC x10ea

Thang #1: Track warm-up across lower parking lot (down and back): high knees, butt kicks, side slides, carioca

Thang #2: Jog lap around the park (was going to be 4-man carry, homage to Flight Nurse , )

Thang #3: Bear crawls up-then-down steps by Depot (was going to be wheelbarrows)

Thang #4: Pyramid Circuit: start at the pad (plank jacks), mosey to swings (swullups), mosey to rockpile (skull crushers), mosey back to pad (merkins & lunges). Start with 10 reps of each, then 9, and so on.

Thang #5: Mary: Peter Parkers IC x25, Bridge hold x2 min

All PAX stood and admired their sweat angels.

COT: WOD- In the book of Exodus, God leads the Israelites through the wilderness to get to the promised land, while there was a path that would get them there in ~2wks. It didn’t make logical sense, but God had reasons. If they had faced a battle so close to Egypt, they would have likely fled back to slavery, also He told Moses he would talk to him at Mt. Sinai (which was along the path God picked). Things happen to us in life that don’t make logical sense, but if will trust God and His plan, He will see that his will in accomplished through us.


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