Ram was a Bear?

  • When: 7/13/18
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Stiffy, Kapowski, Sooner, Goodwill, Banjo, Skags

YHC rolled into this morning just shy of JST (Jordache Standard Time) and Jumped out of the car to get things going.  In my defense, YHC did run the Bear yesterday….It was Awful in the best kinda way (TWSS)…..Didn’t get home till midnight; little man had a bad dream and came rolling into bedroom at 1:00AM; hadn’t taken a shower b/c a midnight shower just to Q 5 hours later seemed like a waste of a shower…but at 5:31, we had lift off.  It was nice to see Banjo there since he ran the Bear also and Croppy was rucking and also participated in the Bear.  As for all you other Bear runners who WEREN’T out there this morning……you suck.

Warm up-SSH, Humptys, ATT…done

Took the Pre Run route this morning…stopped in the square for some LBC’s and American Hammers.  Ran over to ZRock Gym across from the square and used the sidewalk around their block for a little descending BLIM action.  An exercise at each corner of the sidewalk while running around the block; start with five of each and drop one each time you run around the block=5,4,3,2,1.  Back on the pre run route; stopped at the bottom of hospital hill for some quick recovery windmills…10 ct at the top of the hill and then on to the Shovel Flag that Kapo DID remember to take home with him this morning.  He even held it through the COT and WOD so he wouldn’t forget!


Matthew CH.6- We talked about worrying and how life is too short to worry your days away and each day is going to have enough challenges without worrying about tomorrow.

Nap time for Patti!

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