2 Birds, 1 BB

  • When: 07/20/18
  • QIC: Double Bogey/Kapowski
  • The PAX: How's about a name O rama?

Suspicions are high that there will not be a BB for this morning’s and .  Kapowski had the Q at Ram, and he’s proven to be firmly camped on Team No Backblast .  Your boy here went to LA (Lenoir Area) this am to post at and he’s pretty sure that Double Bogey is also in that camp.  First – and only – clue:  no Count Off and no Name O Rama at the end of the workout (note:  this has just been confirmed by a good source that my instinct is correct.  Ole DB aint got time for no BB).

Here’s what I think happened at Ram:

Kapo pulled on his sweet fingerless gloves and gave a proper 1-minute warning.  100% chance that one of the warmup exercises was Humpy’s.  He calls them something different, but either way they happened.  There was mumblechatter.  Takes off towards his old Stabbin’ Cabin at Tara Woods and does some hill repeat.  Mosey towards Hickory High hill and does another hill repeat.  Pax are tired.  He isn’t.  He keeps going.  It was a good workout.  You should have been there.  Or at Infinity at least.  Just don’t be in the fartsack.

Here’s what happened in Lenoir:

There was a shovel flag.  We ran.  Places.  With hills.  We repeated the hills.  There was corn.  We saw some creepers.  There’s a Greenway.    I made a comment about Caldwell County’s library and how they aren’t fooling anyone with that thing.  I thought it was hilarious, but it went over like a turd in a punch bowl.  I made a comment about DB’s tats.  He’s got some hotties on his legs that I’ve never noticed before.  It was confirmed that they aren’t likenesses of his M, so now I’m real curious on the back story.  DB remained tight lipped, so I pressed for more but got shut down….sorta like at the end of all my dates back in the day.  And now for that matter.  DB likes to run.  A lot.  He’s fast.  Most others in LA aren’t.  Some even made me look fast.  If you haven’t seen me run, that’s scary.  We did something called Weezy Getups or Weezy Lifts.  Something with a Weezy in it.  I think.  I was pretty busy farting, so I lost track of what we were doing.  Made a comment about dropping a deuce in the cornfield.  Audit? or Spokes? said that they already christened the corn w/ a 2….need a back story on that one please.  Note:  I would remember their name if we had done a Name o Rama.  Just saying.

Forgot how fun it is to see different ugly faces in the gloom from time to time.  Thanks for having me guys.  Despite the lack of counting and naming, the WOD was really good.  But you’d be a lot cooler if you did the count/name O Rama.


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