You Guys Want Some Candy??

  • When: 10/16/18
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Sweet Heat, Velma, Short Sale, Yogi, Flotus, Has Ben, Doughboy, Reading Rainbow, Sink Hole, Doc McStuffins, Bisquits, Daphne

Weather- Pristine

Company-Even Better

Met up with Sweet Heat and Velma for pre-run.

Warm up-SSH,ATT,Humpys

Mosey to the first light pole for OG Asheville Abs-thats right people all the way to 10!!

Continue to mosey around the retirement building, past the skunk, and over to the block pile.  Partner up and grab a block. Carry blocks over to corner of Walgreens to YHC’s truck.  This is a repeat workout, but a classic none the less, and it involves CANDY.  Here’s the skinny version of the skinny.  Pick a piece of candy, pick an exercise; reference the poster board with the Calories, Sugar grams, and Fat grams for each type of candy.  Calories=reps of exercise but cut in half, Sugar grams=burpees also cut in half, Fat grams=laps around the wal greens.  Ampap- As many pieces as possible.  YHC had to split early….



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