Getting Close…Really Close at Prison Break

  • When: 11/29/2018
  • QIC: Friar
  • The PAX: Swinger, PBR, Baby Face, Friar (Q)

Once in a great while, one is called upon to Q, but once in an even greater while one is called to Q back to back mornings. This was one such week. I say that to say, right off the back this means low attendance week in Lenoir (the PAX don’t seem to enjoy the ol’ Friar’s insane workouts; I dare to say terms like “angry preacher” get thrown around…if they only had experienced an Abraham beat down they’d know better!). Now you add sub-30 degree weather it’s a sure guarantee very few PAX will post! Lenoir, let’s post at our A/O’s! YHC has committed to post at least 3 times a week. Who will join YHC in this commitment? Let’s make F3 Lenoir Great Again! Let’s make those fellas in Mt View, Bethlehem, Conover, T’ville, Granite Falls, and Hickory jealous of the numbers we post! Amen.

Now, I will move on from the sermon and tell you what happened at !

Conditions: Stupid Cold

YHC is greeted by the “Faithful Three”: Swinger, PBR, and Baby Face (seriously, do these three ever miss? The three toughest bamajamas in Lenoir!). YHC had told the Pax the night before I was going to give a workout that would make their M’s enjoy “the view” if you get what I’m saying!

Here is what went down:


  • SSH ICx15
  • ATT ICx15
  • Toy Soldiers ICx15
  • LAC ICx15
  • Rev LAC ICx15
  • OHC ICx15


  • Lunges ICx10
  • Reverse Lunges ICx10
  • Squat & Walk ICx10
  • Squat Kickbacks ICx10
  • Squat Hold Burpees x10 (these are a horrible variation of Burpees! A must for next time!)
  • Side Step Squats ICx10


  • Merkins ICx10
  • Partner Derkins ICx10 (P1 planks; P2 merkin; flap jack)
  • Partner Incline Merkins ICx10 (P1 planks; P2 merkin; flap jack)
  • 3-way Partner Abyss Merkins ICx10 (nothing like watching three grown, sweaty men all over each other in the dark…TWSS NEVER! Basically P1 & P2 Plank side by side while P3 gets in middle and does Merkins with left hand on P1’s right shoulder and right hand on P2’s left shoulder. This was tough and extremely awkward and will be used again, so beware!)
  • Diamond Merkins ICx10


  • LBCs ICx10
  • WWII Sit-ups ICx10
  • Weezie’s Penthouse ICx10
  • Flutter Kicks ICx10
  • Pretzels ICx10/side
  • Oblique Crunches ICx10/side


Psalm 90:12, “So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.”


I know we all have busy lives, hard days, get sick, and so on; BUT POST ANYWAY!!! It’s easy for all of us to fartsack and even easier for us to accept each other’s reasons to fartsack; it takes courage to set the bar AND to push others to meet us there. PBR, Baby Face, and Swinger have set the bar high, now let’s meet them there! And you three quit accepting our lame excuses and push us to get out there! YHC is humbled and challenged by you three’s commitment! I’m ashamed of my lackluster commitment to post and will be out more often; hope you guys will do the same! While we’re at it, let’s bring an FNG or a guy who hasn’t been there in a while!

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