Santa Claus and A Reindeer Come to Infinity

  • When: 11/30/2018
  • QIC: Friar
  • The PAX: Baby Face, PBR, Friar (Q)

It was a much more mild morning for Q number 2 of 2 this week and YHC was ready to have a good time with the fellas! YHC pulls in and, you guess it, Baby Face and PBR pulled in right after and ready to workout! Wait a couple extra minutes to see if we had any surprise visitors (call me the hopeless optimist); no one else shows up, so we begin!

Warm Up

  • Stretches OYO
  • SSH ICx15
  • ATT ICx15
  • High Knees ICx15
  • Butt Kicks ICx15

YHC promised that Santa would show up this morning to help us get ready for December and Christmas season to begin. Little did the PAX know this was a horrible acronym for pain and suffering!

We mosey about a 1/2 mile and tried this out:

  • Sumo Squats ICx5
  • Austin Butt Kickers ICx5
  • Nolan Ryan’s ICx5
  • Turkish Get-Ups OYOx5
  • American Hammers ICx5
  • Crab Jacks ICx5
  • LBC’s ICx5
  • Aiken Legs (5 Sq; 5 – PJ, 5 – lunges; 5 – SJ)
  • Up Straddle Hops ICx5
  • Star Jumps ICx5

We take back off and mosey another 1/2 mile or a little more, and we stopped to rinse and repeat our acronym but increased everything from 5 to 10!

We mosey back to A/O AND pass A/O, mosey back to A/O, pass A/O AGAIN to get 2.5 miles in!


Colossians 1:15-20. In the business of the season and the bad attitude we can get from it, let’s remember Christ is the reason for it all and if we give Him the honor every moment can be a reason to worship and give God praise.


One Word: POST! YHC has 3 kids, works two jobs, taking classes, works out 6 days a week, and sleeps little. If I can post, you can post! this A/O is too fun not to post. It hasn’t been too long back we had to close a Friday morning A/O because TWO towns of F3 couldn’t come up with enough PAX to keep it up! I don’t want to see that again! Yeah I know; it’s rainy, it’s cold, I just got manicure, blah blah blah! Post ANYWAY! You matter, your presence matters, your support matters, and the other PAX matter! YHC has been going to the gym to supplement F3 and just for the enjoyment of lifting weights BUT I can tell you nothing compares to the fellowship and bond we have working out in the gloom! You guys mean the world to YHC and I’m proud to see the progress you all have made in the year and a half since we launched! It’s been amazing to see! Now, give this away to more men and watch them go!

Another thing; this is the end of No Shave November  and Baby Face almost had an actual beard! It looked almost as thick as a day’s growth for the rest of us!

Finally, my apologies for no 3-way Partner Abyss Merkins!

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