The first that was not.

  • When: 12/7/2018
  • QIC: PBR
  • The PAX: Friar. Baby Face, Spokes

So im in line at the Arbys to get the kids some deep fried processed cheese and what do I see?  Steep steps going up the hill in the back.  First thought is well they are kind of far from Prison Break but wait a minute, Infinity is right down the greenway from here.  I know where we are going on my next Q.



Stretching is for suckas named Armstrong.


Lets mosey

Run for a while and lets do 20 merkins  (BF was quick to catch on to the theme)

Lets Run up a hill and do 20 merkins.

Lets run to 321 and play chicken with the few cars out.

Cross 321 and head to Arbys.  (Spokes kills my surprise with saying DB already went there during Stargate)

20 merkins then up and down the old wooden steps twice.  (somebody said it reminded them of the beach.  What kind of low rent beach are you guys going to? )

Run back across the street by Bojangles and then past the no tell motel.

Keep on trucking to the bottom of library hill.

20 merkins then lets run up the hill

back down and finish off the 100 with the last 20 merkins.

run back to the AO.

Finished with 3.26 miles and 100 merkins. I had 573 calories burned.  500+ is a good workout.



We need more old guys in F3 Lenoir.

LA area has no F3

I peed on the 50 yard line of ECU’s field back in the day.  (Some PBR might have been involved)

Spokes was looking at his legs



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