Lead O’Men of F3!

  • When: 1/5/2019
  • QIC: Kleenex
  • The PAX: PAX:UdderButter/Twig/Banjo/TaterHole/Castaway/Skidmark/Targét/Mercedes/Hawk/Charmin/Slingblade/Chewy/Assid FNGs: Achoo/Walmart/Streak

F300: 1/5/2019  Temp:44

SLOW THINGS DOWN – steady count Disclaimer/ Warm-up: SSH Merkins LBCs Monkey-Humpers Alt-Toe-Touches Shoulder Circles Catcher Squats

Mosey to Hill: Modified Blackjacks, “11’s” 10 Merkins Top of Hill/ 1 LBC at Bottom Continue in sequence until 1 Merkins Top of Hill/ 10 LBC at Bottom

Mosey to Parking Lot: #1 Lunge Walks to Station 1 Sprints to Station 2 Bear Crawls to Finish. (Repeat back to start) #2 Two-step squats to Station 1 BUTT Kicks to Station 2 HighKnees to Finish. (Repeat back to start)

Mosey to Cul-de-sac (Partner up) #1 Merkin’s Hillbillies Plank Leg Lifts Catcher Squats Rockin Moroccans #2 Imperial Stormtroopers Ski Jumpers Peter Parker’s Parker Peter’s Tempos 3-2-1 Merkens

Mosey to softball field: Right Field – 25 Squats Center Field – 15 Thrusts Left Field – 15 Rotating Merkins Center Field – 25 AMER Hammers Right Field – 25 Scissor Lunges

Mosey back to Start: Drop to your 6 Freddie Mercury Caitlyn Jenners Supermans Box Cutters Flutter Kicks Dying Cockroaches -Soundoff -Name’o’rama: Named FNGs: Jackson ACHOO Schneeberger (Kleenex 2.0) Shepherd WALMART Yount (Targét 2.0) Abram STREAK Wimbish (Skidmark 2.0)


-Devotion:   O Man of God. Pursue “But as for you, O man of God, flee (unpure) things. Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness.” — 1 Timothy‬ ‭6:11‬

Pause for a minute and picture your family tree. Draw it in your mind – got a clear picture? Can you see the names in the boxes? My guess: you thought mostly “up”, didn’t you? You considered your father and mother, your grandparents, etc. We normally think of a family tree as the thing we are at the bottom of instead of the thing we sit atop.

Now, consider this: your descendants! How many children do (or will) you have? How many will they have? How many people will look up one day and see you somewhere in their family tree? Consider God’s promise to Abraham. His descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the sky or the sand on the seashore. Obviously, God shared that so Abraham would have the hope of descendants. Is it also possible that God did this to show Abraham what was at stake as he walked with The Lord? Was God issuing a challenge at the same time He was delivering the promise? “Listen Abraham, this is not just about you or even your descendants who you might see face to face. I am up to something much bigger that will affect millions of people for thousands of years. So, trust and fully rely on Me. There is a lot riding on this.”

The same is true for each of us fathers. Do we fathers realize that our actions might affect this planet for 100 years or more? Even if we are forgotten, will the seeds of our faithfulness yield family trees for generations that provide godly shade, protection and nourishment? God wants us to be aware of the hundreds of people “downstream” from us who will need a link to Him.

Be that MAN, O Man of God.

-Prayer Requests: Skidmarks friend Clyde Robbins Our waitresses Hillary, Crystal, Olivia.  #Kleenex

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