• When: 01/07/2018
  • QIC: Powder
  • The PAX: Retread, HBC, Flex Seal, Billie Jean, Publix, Kapo, Short Sale, Shamus, Cuz Eddie, Cheese Wiz, Patty Mayo

I was planning on sleeping in on this Monday morning to prepare for staying up late to watch my CLEMSON TIGERS play in the national championship tonight but my name was called for Q so here we are. I also had no plans of making this a Clemson theme but this is for all those PAX who give me crap about the orange I wear. I knew there would be some mumble chatter about Bama but that quickly subsided after going up and down the stairs.

Warm up-

2 Laps of old ER with 16 reps. (2 laps for the 2 national championships Clemson has won in football and 16 reps for our starting QB’s jersey #)

The Thang-

BLIMPS but we are going to spell TIGERS!!! P1 runs to the top of the concrete monster on the longer staircase was P2 does AMRAP exercise. P1 does 9 star jumps at the top (9 for the jersey number of our starting RB and star jumps bc well… he is a star) Flip flop after each letter.

T- Toe touches, alternating

I- Imperial Storm Troopers

G- Goblet Squats

E- Extended Arm Merkins (aka wide arm)


S- Should Raises while doing Wall Sits

Mosey up the stairway to top for the last of the acronym

W- Wide Arm Merkins (14 because Clemson is 14-0)

I- Inch Worms

N- Not your average Lazy Boy. As well as some more Mary till time.



There will be days that will be hard but we always can come back to our faith and the love of the Lord.


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