Better Late than Never!!

  • When: 1/4/19
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Cousin Eddie, Flamer, Funyon, HBC,

YHC realizes that it has taken a while to finally get this backblast out, and that I  am short a couple PAX on this list (my fault fellas). If you were there, you know it and same if you weren’t.  It was rainy….Shocking!!  YHC is 100% a one trick pony when it comes to .  YHC lives in Hildebran, works in Valdese, and is from VA….and rarely comes to HKY unless its dark and very early in the morning…mostly for f3.  YHC knows the old pre run route, and the pre-run backwards route.  If its not that or the LR football field…YHC doesnt have the familiarity ability to be all . but so creative with the routes.  YHC was however able to bring in some deconstructed burpees, adding one each time we stopped to spice it up a lil bit! HBC finished the workout for YHC since leaving early i a necessity and that is greatly appreciated.  Sorry it took so long, but it finally happened…TNWSS!!


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