Changing of the Q

  • When: 12/29/18
  • QIC: Twin
  • The PAX: 8Way, Rooney, Bismark, Baby Face, Ponch, Swinger, Friar, Snips, Audit

I drove all the way to the AO and realized I forgot the flag. So I had to run back and pick it up. Today I would pass the torch to Baby Face. He is now the Master Q of The Den. 8 Way was kind enough to let me Q the last workout of the year.

So I rolled in just a few minutes before the start time…….and whats this? Already taking selfies? What has F3 Lenoir came to. So I had to address these shenanigans. Come to find out, Friar accomplished his goal of 800 miles during the Pre-Run this morning. Definitely a selfie worthy occasion. So we’ll allow it. Good stuff Friar! Well, we had the much awaited arrival of 8 Way and Ponch. So good to have those guys back. So lets get to it.

Warm Up

  • LAC
  • SSH
  • Chest Open Jacks
  • Donkey Kicks

Bring Sally up Challenge

The pack would do a Merkin every time they heard “Bring Sally Up”, then we would hold Mission Impossible on every “Bring Sally Down”. This one is a real crowd pleaser. If you haven’t tried it yet… should

Mosey bottom of the hill to WLMS

Jailbreak to the top of the hill

Mosey to the entrance of WLMS

A Version of Dora

Pax partnered up. While P1 ran a lap around the parking lot, P2 completed the exercise below. Flapjack, until you reach 100 Reps of each

  • Merkin
  • Squat
  • LBC

Mosey to WLMS soccer field

Wait! That’s way to soupy.

Mosey to HHS football field


We played a very slippery game of Ultimate Frisbee

Mosey back to the AO



Challenge to all of us to really become the best version of ourselves in 2019. Husband, Father, Co-Worker, PAX, Leader, etc….In all that we do, lets strive to be our best version of ourselves


  • First off… good to have 8 Way back out there
  • Snips made it to the pre-run……and actually wore shorts. Hes starting to really grow up
  • Snips tried to take out the Baby Face, but to no avail. BF just put on skates and slid for 10 yards
  • Swinger gave me the most awkward hug, but I still love the guy
  • Snips was the best player on the other teams team. He tipped a few frisbee’s and made the catch mush easier
  • 8-Way…..sorry no sexercises
  • Friar – congrats on 800 miles. Thanks awesome dude! #HIM
  • Great way to close out the Den for 2018. Looking forward to 2019 with these dudes and many more


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