Some New Stuff for Lenoir

  • When: 1/12/2019
  • QIC: Twin
  • The PAX: Halfback, Kickstand, Rooney, Spokes, Baby Face, Snips, Bismark, Grout

I have nothing witty to say today……

Warm Up

  • Jackee Ladder – This is a Burpee with a SSH at the top instead of a jump. Start with 10 and work out way down to 1. Did an extra 10 for a victory lap
  • Reverse bear crawl up the hill to the upper parking lot

Mosey to stadium

Mount Everest

  • PAX would lunge up each step, stopping to do a squat on each step
  • Rinse and Repeat

Moved to the upper parking lot behind the stadium

Wheel Barrow Routine

PAX Partnered up and did the exercises below for a set distance. Flapjack. Then come back

  • Wheel Barrow
  • Broken Wheel Barrow
  • Empty Wheel Barrow

Then we ran the bleachers……..Stopped on last ascent for some calf raises

Mosey back to AO

Time with Mary

I found an ab routine on the F3 site called – Febreze. You do a set number of Big Boy sit ups followed by a set number of overhead press while holding your feet at 6 inches. Increase the BB by 2 every set and the Overhead press by 10 until we got to 10 BB and 50 overhead press

  • Set 1 – 2 Big Boy, 10 Overhead press
  • Set 2 – 4 BB, 20 OH
  • Set 3 – 6:30
  • Set 4 – 8:40
  • Set 5 – 10:50

We had a little time so we took a victory lap to cool down


We all took a minute to share what’s going on in our life’s. Good or bad. Lots of prayer concerns. We spent some time in prayer for everyone’s situation. Good stuff.


  • Snips doesn’t get credit for the Jackee Ladder……he was late and very slow to get out of his car once he saw what we were doing
  • OK OK OK Baby Face……I didn’t come to F3 all week and you went to all 5. That is why you are so much skinnier than me. I get it. Stop reminding me!
  • Props to Spokes…..pre-ran. He was still all giddy for the Mount Everest
  • That Febreze routine was pretty sweet…..even the guys with actual abs said it was good.
  • Kick Stand put Baby Face on notice.

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