Maybe the Rapture got em?

  • When: 05/17/19
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Patty Mayo, Stiffy, Herniator, Cousin Eddie

Arrival:  5:26 am.  My main Patty Mayo is putting up the shovel flag.  No pre-runner’s cars in sight.  Rucker’s cars were there and had already left.  Patty didn’t pre-run.   Hmm.  …

No Fun BB

  • When: 05/14/19
  • QIC: Errbody
  • The PAX: Publix, Retread, Sheamus, Beaker, Skaggs, Squints, Kapowski, Suppository, FNG: Moana, Ferdinand, Cousin Eddie, Igloo, Jordache

I will attempt my first Speed BB.  It seems like it’s all the rage these days.  Here goes: Mass confusion from the get go.  The temporary parking lot that we …

Sol-OG/Table for one

  • When: 05/08/19
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Cousin Eddie

OG.  It’s an oddball for sure.  The AO itself is probably one of our best in Unifour as the Hickory Daily Record calls it.  We all joke about it being …

ER. As in horriblest workout evER.

  • When: 05/06/19
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Fuse, Flamer, Sheamus, Publix, Kapowski, Herniator, Cheese Whiz, HBC, Phlegm, Cousin Eddie

ER:  some love her, some hate her.  Most hate her.  She’s ugly.  She’s big.  There’s a creepy empty house behind her that looks like the end scene from Blair Witch …

Star ALF

  • When: 04/23/19
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Binary, Plank, Humpy, Root, Hot Lips, Cousin Eddie

In my world, ALF doesn’t refer to that awesome 80’s show about the cat eating alien…ok, let’s be honest: back in the 80’s it was an awesome show but try …

ER’s Little Book of Instructions

  • When: 04/22/19
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Sheamus, Publix, Powder, Ferdinand, Phlegm, Jordache, Hot Lips, Patty Mayo, Fuse, HBC - Fly By while running

Anyone who’s near my age remembers that book Life’s Little Book of Instructions.  You probably received at least 4 copies for graduation like me.  It is full of stuff like: …

Spring, Frost, Hills, Run

  • When: 3/20/19
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Squints, Phlegm, Fuze, Herniator, Powder, Cheese Whiz, Funyon, Cousin Eddie, Jordache

1st Day of Spring:  check Frost on car:  check Powder in 17 layers:  check, check Funyon in tow w/ Pit Stop (aka his dog): check Squints pulls up in car …

Members Only?

  • When: 01/19/19
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Beaker, Goodwill, Tooth Fairy, Publix, Dougboy, Flamer, Cousin Eddie

Whipping Stick.  I’m not sure who dubbed Hickory’s original AO, but I’m sure the name stems from Hickory…tree….stick…Whipping Stick.  It’s not a bad name, and I only mention this in …

Organ Grinder. The best AO in Burke Co

  • When: 01/02/19
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Sink Hole, Flex Seal, Jordache, Patty Mayo, Plank, Cousin Eddie

I dare someone to challenge the statement in the title.  Premier this, premier that, Run around L-R and Hickory High.  Run a Lap around Hickory….now run it counterclockwise.  Counterclockwise you …