3 Dog protecting the House at Copperhead

  • When: 02/02/19
  • QIC: 3 Dog
  • The PAX: 3-Dog, Plank, Herbal Essence, The Dude, Frag, Tapeworm, Pedro Martini, Power Band, PBR,

9 men came out to celebrate the possession of the F3  Hickory Ghost Flag.  It was taken in a brazen sneak attack on #TheStation in Conover after a 1 day …

101st Tribute to the Battle of the Bulge

  • When: 01/22/2019
  • QIC: Plank
  • The PAX: Cable Guy, Humpy, Taz, Hotlips, Plank

Conditions  18 degrees, a warm 18 degrees, feels more like 18 degrees.   Ok first of all, did i mention it was 18 degrees.  ???  Now that we have established …

So Why Do You F3??

  • When: 04/28/18
  • QIC: Plank
  • The PAX: The Dude, 3-Dog, Pedro Martini, Power Band, Plank

YHC has been absent from posting at #Copperhead Creek for a couple of reasons,…. Turkey Season, Soccer Games, running around Huntersville all night with Markup…. Anyway, finally it was my …

Just another CUPCAKE workout at #TheER

  • When: 03/19/2018
  • QIC: Plank
  • The PAX: String Cheese, Phlem, Billy Jean, Publix, Road Kill, Plank

It been a long time since i last had Q at #TheER, actually its been a long time since my last post, but we had SP on IR and needed …

40 somethings showed up today @ # Star

  • When: 03/06/18
  • QIC: Plank
  • The PAX: Binary, Hotlips, Taz, Cable Guy, Plank

The 5 faithful from #Star apeared at our normal start time of 0531, Hotlips brought YHC a nice gift.  Some soft toilet paper just in case i have another #Jacksplat …

The Walls of Granite Falls

  • When: 03/05/18
  • QIC: Plank
  • The PAX: 2-Stroke, Panda, Cast-a-way, Chewie, Plank

YHC had his first post and first Q at #SoCal.  It happens about 10 feet down from where #Hurler meets, so 5 of us gathered under this nice Monday evening …

#Cooperhead Creek gets the Burn

  • When: 02/03/18
  • QIC: Plank
  • The PAX: Pedro Martini, PBJ, 3-Dog, Frag, Clifford BRD, Plank

#Copperhead Creek has a steady number of faithful Pax, they are willing to tackle anything thrown at them (one of them is 9 years old, no excuses not to post).  …

Hey can it get any colder???

  • When: 01/02.18
  • QIC: Plank
  • The PAX: Taz, Cable Guy, Hotlips, Plank

Hey can it get any colder??  One of the questions stated at this mornings #Star workout.  It was 9 degrees at 0530….Funny thing it was 9 degrees at 0615.  No …