It’s a Wheelbarrow Thing

  • When: 03/26/19
  • QIC: Twin
  • The PAX: Mayberry, Snips, Swinger, PBR, Goodwill, Audit, Commando

I tried my best to EH the PAX to sign up for the 5 day challenge. Not nearly as intense as the POH, but we’re getting there. I had 3 …

Infinity Sub Q

  • When: 3/22/2019
  • QIC: Twin
  • The PAX: Friar, Lightbulb, Double Bogey, PBR

The Q was a no show… the Master Q stepped in and delegated. He called my number so I had to answer the bell. So there were 4 runners……and then …

The Walls Came Down

  • When: 02/19/2019
  • QIC: Twin
  • The PAX: Friar, Audit, Snips, Mayberry, PBR, Light Bulb, Swinger, Commando, Baby Face, Spokes

CrossFit Dude: 5AM in the morning. Alarm awakens him. Latte? Check. Hair Products? Check. Temperature controlled environment? Check. Actual Weights? Check. Yoga Mat? Check. Well, not today! This morning we …

Changing of the Q

  • When: 12/29/18
  • QIC: Twin
  • The PAX: 8Way, Rooney, Bismark, Baby Face, Ponch, Swinger, Friar, Snips, Audit

I drove all the way to the AO and realized I forgot the flag. So I had to run back and pick it up. Today I would pass the torch …

Pleasantly Surprised

  • When: 12/15/18
  • QIC: Twin
  • The PAX: pokes, Wile E, PBR, Audit, Baby Face, Snips, Grout, Bismark, Swinger, Rooney, Goodwill

Well Woody was supposed to have the Q today, but he is MIA. Hope he’s still alive…..we should probably check on him. So as the Master Q, I decided I …

Some New Stuff for Lenoir

  • When: 1/12/2019
  • QIC: Twin
  • The PAX: Halfback, Kickstand, Rooney, Spokes, Baby Face, Snips, Bismark, Grout

I have nothing witty to say today…… Warm Up Jackee Ladder – This is a Burpee with a SSH at the top instead of a jump. Start with 10 and …

We Worked Out

  • When: 9/20/2018
  • QIC: Twin
  • The PAX: Goodwill, PBR, Friar, Woody, Commando, Swinger, Audit, Baby Face

Rolled in…..9PAX. Not shabby for a Prison Break Q. Lets do it Warm Up Old Man back Stretch LAC RLAC Chinooks ATT Mosey to the Sidewalk PAX lined up in …

Man, That was a Wide Turn

  • When: 8/25/2018
  • QIC: Twin
  • The PAX: Rooney, Woody, Swinger, Grout, Drake, Audit, Baby Face, Goodwill, Dino(FNG)

We were down a few  HIMs who were pushing a chariot for Speed for Need. I wasn’t expecting a big group, but 10 PAX got out of bed for a …

I Hate Hills

  • When: 6/12/2018
  • QIC: Twin
  • The PAX: Baby Face, Spokes, Swinger, PBR, Ponch

Several months ago, Babyface lead us at the Den. The name of his workout was “Make Me Better”. The concept was simple, he literally did every exercise that he hated. …

Lenoir = 3, Hickory = 16+

  • When: 6/8/2018
  • QIC: Twin
  • The PAX: PBR, Audit

I had the day off. I could actually sleep in for the first time in a very long time. I checked the calendar……..DANGIT! I have the Q for Infinity. Its …