Ruck ‘N’ Roll to Hickory Soup Kitchen

  • When: 11/09/18
  • QIC: Markup
  • The PAX: Cropduster, Udder Butter, Plank

We got together to do a simple service project: Ruck cans to the Hickory Soup Kitchen.  I knew that the Soup Kitchen was not open so the plan was to …

Pick Up Sticks with Mr. Roboto

  • When: 11/8/2018
  • QIC: PBR
  • The PAX: Goodwill, Baby Face, Swinger, Spokes

Well its time for another PBR Q.  You know what that means.  No one is going to show up.  Just kidding I pull numbers like an old lady at BINGO.  …

Ain’t Fancy like the ER……

  • When: 11/07/2018
  • QIC: Flex Seal
  • The PAX: Deawoo

with all their nice covered,  out of the elements, heated,  staircases – but it will do! At the OG, we have “The Widowmaker” in all its 33 step Glory – …

Another Brick in the Wall

  • When: 11/02/18
  • QIC: Markup
  • The PAX: Plank, Taz, Cropduster, Humpy, Sinkhole, Flex Seal

7 pax took off from LRU and covered about 3 miles and several shared a gift.  That gift was a 60 pound sandbag that we passed around to make our …

Largest F3 Hickory Gathering for all of November ’18….

  • When: 11/01/2018
  • QIC: Flex Seal
  • The PAX: 1/4 Patty Mayo, Short Sale, Has Been, Velma, Katness, Dragon Fly, Cousin Eddie, Dough Boy, Sweet Heat, Chicken Tender, Reading Rainbow, Sink Hole, Biscuits, Doc McStuffins

so far…..was at The Mount ….on Nov 1st with 14.25 PAX – Only 1/4 Patty Mayo cause he pre-ran then pulled a Flaming Humper Cropduster after warmup! Here is what …

Post Halloween

  • When: 11/1/18
  • QIC: Powder
  • The PAX: Tooth Fairy, Beaker, Squints, Root, Cheese Wiz, Retread, Publix, Herniator, Skaggs

I was going to try and come up with something clever with the day after Halloween but that did not materialize. So I went with a similar workout from ER. …

Ruck ‘N’ Roll’s “First” Workout

  • When: 10/26/2018
  • QIC: Markup
  • The PAX: Sink Hole, Dilbert, Cropduster, Flex Seal, Taz, Palnk

Several pax have been rucking each Friday so YHC decided to make the workout official.  I had something planned so I wanted to wait until the Tuna runners were back …

BoBo’s are a Whippin’ Stick Must Have

  • When: 10/27/18
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Goodwill, Publix, Billy Jean, Doughboy, Cousin Eddie

Rain + Whippin’ Stick = Grassy muddy Soup The Drainage Engineers that built Northview Middle School should be flogged.  When it rains, the athletic fields become soupy and gross.  YHC …

Block Mosey

  • When: 10/25/18
  • QIC: Banjo
  • The PAX: Barney, Dory, Mercedes, Udder-butter, Twig, Taterhole, Boo Boo, Paula Deen

9 PAX show up on a Thursday Hurler morning with Banjo. We warmed up with some high knees, alternating toe touches, humpys and side-straddle hops. Next we moseyed to the …