2 Birds, 1 BB

  • When: 07/20/18
  • QIC: Double Bogey/Kapowski
  • The PAX: How's about a name O rama?

Suspicions are high that there will not be a BB for this morning’s Ram and Infinity.  Kapowski had the Q at Ram, and he’s proven to be firmly camped on …

Part 2, Howitzer

  • When: 07/17/18
  • QIC: Kapowski
  • The PAX: not sure

Weather:  awesome Thang: warmups Warm up lap:  mosey towards West end of the square, turn right towards Hatch, right at the alley, right up the steps and back towards the …

Substi-blast, Part1

  • When: 07/16/18
  • QIC: Beaker
  • The PAX: can't remember

The Backblast.  Some are funny, some ain’t.  Some are short, some ain’t.  Others are funny and short.  Wait, are we still talking about backblasts here?  Either way, they are getting …

Arrow 5.5 Co-Q

  • When: 07/18/2018
  • QIC: Fuse/HBC
  • The PAX: Fuse, Squints, Powder, Pantene, Hotlips, Stonewall, Humpy, HBC

The Thang: 8 strong posted this morning for Hickory’s one and only premier Wednesday running workout. Cheese Whiz is apparently in Wisconsin this week, so Fuse and YHC tag-teamed the …

Yup. It happened.

  • When: 07/17/18
  • QIC: Band Camp
  • The PAX: Twig, Kleenex, Paula Dean, Mercedes, Banjo, Udder Butter, Band Camp

Not official unless there is a flag and a backblast.  Well…the shovel flag was securely planted, and it is verified by this here backblast.  So…I guess today really happened. Warm …


  • When: 7/17/18
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Flex Seal, Doc McStuffins, Dough Boy, Short Sale, Velma, Biscuits, Has Been, Steam Engine,

Perfect conditions for a workout this morning- PAX- Check AO- Check 500% Humidity- Check Sweet Heat had the chance to go to the beach last minute so YHC took the …

As They Are

  • When: 07/14/18
  • QIC: Flamer
  • The PAX: Cousin Eddie, Doughboy, Goodwill, and Flamer

I pulled into Northview and it was just me and Goodwill.  I thought for a while this would be a Bromance workout with just the two of us but then …

Ram was a Bear?

  • When: 7/13/18
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Stiffy, Kapowski, Sooner, Goodwill, Banjo, Skags

YHC rolled into Ram this morning just shy of JST (Jordache Standard Time) and Jumped out of the car to get things going.  In my defense, YHC did run the …

Route 66 > Bear

  • When: 07/12/2018
  • QIC: Suppository
  • The PAX: Bayonne, Funyon, Sheamus, Freud, Suppository

YHC agreed to take the Q from Kapowski last night for Expresso, and being tired and ready for bed I went to an old standby. The Angry Preacher himself used …