BBC style at Expresso

  • When: 10/25/2018
  • QIC: Suppository
  • The PAX: Cousin Eddie, Squints, Publix, Flamer, Phlegm, Powder, Retread, Sheamus

Random thought back last below: – Told Powder to go slow on the prerun so 7:30 pace… ❌ – Not sure how Cousin Eddie is still allowed to sleep and …

10/23: On THIS DAY…

  • When: 10/23/2018
  • QIC: Kleenex
  • The PAX: Q's: Kleenex Dory, UdderButter, Banjo, Bogey, Twig, TaterHole, Turdhurder, Mercedes, Slingblade

HURLER Tuesday 10/23/18   Temp: 38 degrees On this Day… -IN FILM:  1941 Walt Disney’s animated film “Dumbo” released -IN CARTOONS:  1958 – Smurfs make debut as “La Flute a …


  • When: 10/22/18
  • QIC: Sooner
  • The PAX: Kapowski, Cousin Eddie, Powder, Diesel, Sheamus, Cheeze Whiz, Flex Seal, Beaker, Publix

Warmups – 15 SSH IC, 10 ATT IC Mosey to the bottom of the parking deck ramps. Sprint up the ramps, jog the flats, the last flat lunge walk to …

CLEMSON >>>>nc state

  • When: 10/16/18
  • QIC: Powder
  • The PAX: Cuz Eddie, Shamus, Kapo, Publix, Freon, Freud, Diesel, Alexa, SP, Squints, Humpy, Goodwill, Retread, Skaggs, TF

I am writing this backblast because that is what PAX are supposed to do after a workout but… I am also writing this backblast because the PAX (who shall remain nameless) …

You Guys Want Some Candy??

  • When: 10/16/18
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Sweet Heat, Velma, Short Sale, Yogi, Flotus, Has Ben, Doughboy, Reading Rainbow, Sink Hole, Doc McStuffins, Bisquits, Daphne

Weather- Pristine Company-Even Better Met up with Sweet Heat and Velma for pre-run. Warm up-SSH,ATT,Humpys Mosey to the first light pole for OG Asheville Abs-thats right people all the way …

1st Annual Hickory Ruck Convergence

  • When: 10/12/2018
  • QIC: Markup
  • The PAX: Plank, Flex Seal, Paula Deen, Daewoo, Udder Butter, Dilbert, Cropduster, Tinkerbell, Foxy, Boo Boo, Old Sokol, Stitch

Several months ago we started Rucking on Friday at RAM and we have consistently had a few pax post to get better.  Udder Butter would cross the creek and Ruck …