Duck Duck Goose….Really!

  • When: 2/22/18
  • QIC: Banjo
  • The PAX: Twig, Udderbutter, Mercedes, PaulaDeen, Nomad, TurdHerder, Chewy

8 Pax show up for kid stuff at Hurler. Well, not quit kid stuff. Warmup ssh alt toe touch humpys windmills Why does YHC always do the same warmup? Because …

STEP UP for a Beat down!

  • When: 2/17/2018
  • QIC: Band Camp
  • The PAX: 2-Ply, Pippy, Tater Hole, Twig, Chewy, Tinkerbell, Assid, Banjo, Castaway, Charmin, Daewoo, Padawan, Band Camp QIC

I’m desperately in need of miles and motivation, so I advertised the pre-run.  Look…Pippie and Castaway took me up on the offer.  Awesome!  We take off for an out and …

SoCal was WINDY!!

It was a cold and windy night in Granite Falls. Banjo and 2-Stroke/Strawberry were waiting in the wind. I show up and we exchange pleasantries and then we get to …

  • When: 02/08/2018
  • QIC: Kleenex
  • The PAX: TaterHole, Twig, Banjo, 2-Ply, Chewy, UdderButter, TurdHurder, Mercedes, Assid, PaulaDean

HURLER 0530  Q: Kleenex PAX: TaterHole/Twig/Banjo/2-Ply/Chewy/ UdderButter/TurdHurder/Mercedes/Assid/PaulaDean Temp: a balmy 37degrees “Today is the 8th Day. That’s all I am going to say. Those that showed up, got Better!” PS: …

Young at Heart

  • When: 2/3/18
  • QIC: Banjo
  • The PAX: Taterhole, TwoPly, Pippy, Assid, Tinkerbell

5 HIMs braved the beat down YHC had planned for 300. Well, maybe some of it was planned. Here’s how it went down. After a few warmup exercises the PAX …

2 Billboards Outside Lenoir-Rhyne University

  • When: 02/02/2018
  • QIC: Cropduster
  • The PAX: Herniator, Powder, Beaker, Suppository, Banjo, Udder Butter, Cheese Whiz, Publix, Humpy, Sooner, Patti Mayo

Pre-Run:  Herniator, Powder, Suppository, Bing, (maybe others) Pre-RAM Intel:  Cropduster ran the course ahead of time to “get his head right” Ruck:  Markup, Plank, Root, Bing,  (maybe others – they …

BladeRunners Unite!

  • When: 01/31/2018
  • QIC: Cropduster [WD]
  • The PAX: Band Camp, Nabuc, Tater Hole, Banjo [WB], Castaway, Hat Trick

Conditions: EARLY, FULL MOON and DERN COLD 21degrees at the start. When I woke up this morning I really, really, really did not want to get out of the fartsack.  …