Oh the Humidity

  • When: 08/21/2018
  • QIC: Suppository
  • The PAX: Picasso, Freud, Sooner, Retread, Powder, Skaggs, Squints, Funyun, Cousin Eddie, Goose

On the most humidest of humid mornings, 11 PAX posted to Howitzer for a sweat-fest. We did have an FNG so was obliged to give the disclaimer. The workout went …

Rush Hour at Expresso

  • When: 08/16/18
  • QIC: Sooner
  • The PAX: Publix, Funyun, Cheese Whiz, Kapowski, Tooth Fairy, Retread, Squints, Skaggs, Billie Jean, Freud, Root, Herniator

I’m running a little late on the backblast, but better late than never. Warmup: SSH, ATT, Imperial Storm Troopers The Thang: St. Luke’s courtyard for pullups and lunge walk 10, …

Navy Seals Phase One

  • When: 8/11/2018
  • QIC: Clifford BRD
  • The PAX: Plank, The Dude, Frag, Herbal Essence, 3-Dog, and Clifford BRD

Several months ago while shopping at Barns&Noble with the family yhc came across a book called. Navy Seals Elite Training and thought to myself I wonder if there is anything …

5 weirdos

  • When: 08/11/2018
  • QIC: Markup
  • The PAX: Cropduster, Plank, Pinto, Flex Seal

5 weirdos met at 4:30 to take off on a pre-ruck to get a few extra miles in.  We went the normal route, which will be changed monthly, and completed …

Old er. I mean Old ER

  • When: 08/06/18
  • QIC: Nada
  • The PAX: Peoples

There’s a reason we stopped the Original ER format.  It was dang miserable.  Attendance was lower than most UNC home football games.  But it’s fun to re-live the glory days …

Bing’s return from the Sting

  • When: 08/09/2018
  • QIC: Bing
  • The PAX: Cousin Eddie, Patti Mayo, Funyon, Billie Jean, Cheese Whiz, Jordache, Phlegm, Herniator, Tooth Fairy, Goose, Skaggs, Squints, Sheamus,

For the PAX that posted at ER on Monday (had to be there because there is no Backblast. Cuz?), YHC got stung by a bee (a hornet to be exact). After …

5 Fast & 5 Slow @ Arrow

  • When: 08/01/18
  • QIC: Beaker
  • The PAX: Powder, HBC, Squints, Retread, SP, Sooner, Hot Lips, Humpy, Plank

10 good folk left out from Corinth for a nice six miler this morning.  Ran down Lake Road to the Greenway, up the Greenway, past armory and music factory, left …