Assault on Hibriten Vol. 2

  • When: 01/01/2019
  • QIC: Friar
  • The PAX: Friar, Double Bogey, Spokes, Baby Face, Snips, Half Back, Kick Stand, Gump, Bismarck, Rooney, Audit, Clifford, Crop Duster, Udder Butter, Markup, Flex Seal, Hotlips, Boneless, Banjo, Dory, Slingblade, Tumbleweed, Tater Hole, Nabuc, Frag, The Dude, Cheese Whiz, Keebler, Dink, Dilbert, Pantene, Flamer, Humpy, Taz, Band Camp, Bing, Glue Stick (FNG), Jordach

Backblast is about a week late, but, hey, better late than never. It will be a relief to Spokes, anyway, apparently he’s ran outta reading material and needs something new …

No Longer a Fan of Moby!!!

  • When: 01/03/19
  • QIC: Flex Seal
  • The PAX: Dragon Fly, Reading Rainbow, Sink Hole, Biscuits, Doc McStuffins, Short Sale, Has Been

Bring Sally Where?   QIC – Flex Seal PAX – Dragon Fly, Reading Rainbow, Sink Hole, Biscuits, Doc McStuffins, Short Sale, Has Been   Warmups (In Cadence) Good Mornings Side …

Organ Grinder. The best AO in Burke Co

  • When: 01/02/19
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Sink Hole, Flex Seal, Jordache, Patty Mayo, Plank, Cousin Eddie

I dare someone to challenge the statement in the title.  Premier this, premier that, Run around L-R and Hickory High.  Run a Lap around Hickory….now run it counterclockwise.  Counterclockwise you …

2018…A, B, C ya

  • When: 12/31/18
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Goodwill, Sheamus, Publix, Short Sale, Flex Seal, FNG: Keebler, Phlegm, Cheese Whiz, Retread, Fuse, Cousin Eddie

Raining.  Shocker.  My yard is grass soup.  Twas warmer than normal, so we got that going for us. Made a call out to all chaps on Voxer* and Twitter to …

Ol’ St. Squints

  • When: 12/19/18
  • QIC: Band Camp
  • The PAX: Squints, Kapowski, Diesel, Suppository, Powder, Dingle, Cousin Eddie, Funyon, Pit Stop, Phlem, Publix, Humpy, Retread, Catnip (?), Hot Lips, Stonewall, FNG from UNCC not named ;-(

‘Twas the Arrow before Christmas, and all through the town, several Pax were preparing for a 6 mile run-around. Their stockings were pulled all up their knees, In hopes the …

25 Days of Christmas

  • When: 12/18/2019
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Dragonfly, Biscuits, Doughboy, Has Been, Short Sale, Sink Hole, Katniss, Chicken Tender,

I apologize to any PAX that I may have accidentally left off the list, leaving early throws me off when I miss the name-o-rama!  I will admit with no shame …

Pinochle at the Mount

  • When: 11/27/18
  • QIC: Biscuits (fka Atari)
  • The PAX: Sink Hole, Dragonfly, Short Sale, Doughboy, Has Been, Flex Seal, Doc McStuffins, Katniss, FNG Snickerdoodle

Whoop whoop, posting my first BackBlast. Arrived at the Mount a few minutes early and drove to a nearby parking lot to drop off two decks of cards for later. …