Fail forward

  • When: 02/07/19
  • QIC: Swinger
  • The PAX: Double Bogey, The Friar, Audit, PBR, Goodwill (og), Lightbulb

So QIC gave a preblast Wednesday night, warm mornin ahead, I promised no running, and those arms would get ripped! Great to see double Bogey and The Friar posting another …

The Choice is Yours

  • When: 2/8/2019
  • QIC: PBR
  • The PAX: Baby Face, Friar, Mayberry

It all started like a usual Friday morning.  Alarm goes off at 4:50 and I get up and get ready for another fun filled Infinity workout.  Get dressed and then …

No Osifur we aint been drinking

  • When: 1/17/19
  • QIC: PBR
  • The PAX: Swinger, Baby Face, Nut Meg, Twin, LightBulb

Most good stories start with “Well we had been drinking and…” So with a 5:15 AM start time this story does not start like that but. It does start with …

Oh Christmas Tree

  • When: 12/20/2018
  • QIC: PBR
  • The PAX: Kick Stand, Spokes, Goodwill, Rooney, Swinger, Nutmeg, Baby Face. Twin and Snips where not there

The last Prison Break before Christmas and it was up to PBR to make it festive.  I thought about bringing presents for everyone but I didn’t have enough wrapping paper …

The first that was not.

  • When: 12/7/2018
  • QIC: PBR
  • The PAX: Friar. Baby Face, Spokes

So im in line at the Arbys to get the kids some deep fried processed cheese and what do I see?  Steep steps going up the hill in the back.  …

Pick Up Sticks with Mr. Roboto

  • When: 11/8/2018
  • QIC: PBR
  • The PAX: Goodwill, Baby Face, Swinger, Spokes

Well its time for another PBR Q.  You know what that means.  No one is going to show up.  Just kidding I pull numbers like an old lady at BINGO.  …

Mount, meet F3 Workout Deck

  • When: 10/09/2018
  • QIC: Doughboy
  • The PAX: Doc McStuffins, FLOTUS, Sweet Heat, Reading Rainbow, Has Been, Biscuits, Sinkhole, Yogi, Short Sale, Flex Seal, Peso, Velma, Daphne

For Father’s Day, my M got me the official F3 Workout Deck.  The cards finally arrived about two weeks ago so I decided to introduce The Mount to them.  14 …

A Dark Scary Place

  • When: 10/5/2018
  • QIC: PBR
  • The PAX: Baby Face, Spokes, Friar

Warm UP We stretched while we talked about feelings and just how cute our outfits looked. Lets Mosey. Lights on. Even though I specifically requested everyone wear reflective gear, did …