Wooden Circuit

  • When: 12/19/17
  • QIC: Goodwill
  • The PAX: Audit, Spokes, PBR, Twin, Snips, Goodwill, Babyface

PAX showed up just in time to help the Q get out logs (thanks PBR for supplying enough wood to go around…don’t say it).  5 Logs weighing 25-30 lbs and …

It’s Electric

  • When: 12/12/17
  • QIC: Goodwill
  • The PAX: Audit, PBR, Wile E, Swinger, Spokes, Goodwill

6 PAX boot camped it up in the gloom. Warm Up SSH x 15 IC Humpees x 10 IC Windmills x 10 IC Alternating Toe Touches x 10 IC The …

An FNG Friendly Workout and Splash Merlot

  • When: 12/02/2017
  • QIC: Friar
  • The PAX: Friar (Q), Double Bogey, Baby Face, Audit, Twin, Snips, Wile E., Swinger, Prius, Rooney, Shoe Box, Original Goodwill, Nutmeg, Grout, Woody, Sprinkles (FNG)

Conditions: Unusually Warm The Prelude to The Thang: Double Bogey – 5 miles Friar – 3 miles Snips – 0; he’s still talking about last week’s prerun, that he ran …

Dueling Preachers

  • When: 11/30/2017
  • QIC: Double Bogey, Friar
  • The PAX: Double Bogey, Friar, Original Goodwill, Woody, Baby Face, Swinger, Wile E., Snips, Audit, Spokes, PBR

It was one of those rare occasions for the PAX of Lenoir. An opportunity they obviously had earned; and after all, it’s Christmas time and I was in the giving …

PSA: Snips Made it to the Pre-Run

  • When: 11/25/2017
  • QIC: Twin
  • The PAX: Twin(Q), Grout, Audit, Double Bogey, Friar, Swinger, Snips(He made it to the pre-run), 8-Way

Snips: “Hey guys, Ill be at the Pre-Run in the morning” DB: “Alright man, Ill be there. #HC” …..morning of Snips: “Dude, where’s  my DB” DB: “Nobody likes Snips, I’m …

More Bricks and Tricks

  • When: 11/16/17
  • QIC: Wile E
  • The PAX: Babyface, Audit, Double Bogey, Friar, Goodwill, Spokes, PBR, Swinger

Cool clear morning made just for a good hard workout..Enjoy! Thang Warmup – all 15xIC SSH Humpees LAC F & R Chinook Grab some bricks and Mosey to doc office …

Sir Mixed A Lot

  • When: 11/11/17
  • QIC: Wile E
  • The PAX: Prius, 8-way, Rooney, Grout, Test tube, Babyface, Swinger, Audit, Twin, Woody, Goodwill, Drawbridge (FNG)

All I can say is Brrrrrrr. Below freezing at a workout for the first time this year so we had to keep the body moving.. It was a random day …

The Dirty 30 get a Masterpack

  • When: 10/11/17
  • QIC: Goodwill
  • The PAX: Friar, DB, Wiley/Wile E (we don't know how to spell it), Swinger, PBR, Woody, Gore, Snips, Babyface, Audit, Twin, Goodwill,

Warm Up SSH x 20 IC Humpees x 15 IC The Thang Play a game of “Catch Me If You Can” while moseying to Hospital.  PAX partner up, one PAX …