Organ Grinder. The best AO in Burke Co

  • When: 01/02/19
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Sink Hole, Flex Seal, Jordache, Patty Mayo, Plank, Cousin Eddie

I dare someone to challenge the statement in the title.  Premier this, premier that, Run around L-R and Hickory High.  Run a Lap around Hickory….now run it counterclockwise.  Counterclockwise you …

Burpee/Bear Crawl Fest

  • When: 12/26/18
  • QIC: Bartman (F3 Franklin TN)
  • The PAX: Flex Seal, Chicken Strips, Paddy Mayo, Beaker, Publix, Cousin Eddie, Bartman, Taz, Hot Lips

(Cousin Eddie here….this BB was sent to me by Bartman himself.  I’ll be chiming in w/ my comments in italicized parentheses as necessary) 5 pax for 3ish mile pre-hustle kicking …

Ain’t Fancy like the ER……

  • When: 11/07/2018
  • QIC: Flex Seal
  • The PAX: Deawoo

with all their nice covered,  out of the elements, heated,  staircases – but it will do! At the OG, we have “The Widowmaker” in all its 33 step Glory – …


  • When: 09/19/18
  • QIC: Flex Seal
  • The PAX: Phlegm, Cousin Eddie, Daewoo, Patty Mayo, Goodwill

An OG Backblast 3 weeks in a row – WOW!   The Thang:   5 Pax showed up for a pre-run or pre-ruck @ 5am then everyone circled up for …

OG = Bushwood

  • When: 06/13/18
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Daewoo, Shark Bait, Steam Engine, Cousin Eddie

If the term Bushwood means nothing to you, then you’re: A:  Dead to Me B:  AIM (Another Ignorant Millennial) C:  All of the above Just in case you fall into …

Snowy OG

  • When: 03/14/1987
  • QIC: Sooner
  • The PAX: Steam Engine, Patty Mayo, Zebra, Shark Bait, Daewoo, Velma, Doughboy

4 Pax met early for a pre-run, but were “running” a bit late.  The 4 other PAX got started in the parking lot right on time. We started out with …