RAM Happy BDay BJ

  • When: 9/28/18
  • QIC: Powder
  • The PAX: SP, Kapo, Herniator, Cuz Eddie, Diesel, BJ, , Jordache, Patty Mayo, Cheese Wiz, Ruckers-Pinto, Flex Seal, Plank, Dilbert, Crop Duster, MarkUp Prerun only- ThunderDome

Last minute Q for RAM = no problem. Not pressing the snooze for prerun … that’s another story. I thought I was going to be late to take off for …

Ram. Because The LR Parking Lot sounds weird

  • When: 07/27/18
  • QIC: Suppository, Beaker, Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Suppository, HBC, Beaker, Humpy, Funyon, Stiffy, Phlegm, Flamer, Pantene, Patty Mayo, Fuse, Banjo, Sooner, Goodwill, Hot Lips, Billy Jean

Ram.  She good.  Been posting at her since she was a wee little lass.  Back when me and Beaker said “yeah, I think we can run 3 miles.  In a …

2 Birds, 1 BB

  • When: 07/20/18
  • QIC: Double Bogey/Kapowski
  • The PAX: How's about a name O rama?

Suspicions are high that there will not be a BB for this morning’s Ram and Infinity.  Kapowski had the Q at Ram, and he’s proven to be firmly camped on …

Ram was a Bear?

  • When: 7/13/18
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Stiffy, Kapowski, Sooner, Goodwill, Banjo, Skags

YHC rolled into Ram this morning just shy of JST (Jordache Standard Time) and Jumped out of the car to get things going.  In my defense, YHC did run the …


  • When: 03/31/2018
  • QIC: Double Bogey
  • The PAX: Audit, Twin, Friar, Wile E, Babyface, Woody, Bouble Dogey aka Double Bogey (Q)

We did a warm up, we ran, and we did stuff!!!!!

The Crappening

  • When: 02/23/18
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Humpty, Beaker, Flamer, Phylgm, Patty Mayo, Bing, Steam Engine, Markup, Herniator, Thunderdome, Funyon, Wilber (Kingsport), Sooner, Skaggs, Publix, Cousin Eddie

Weather:  almost too hot.  Come on Earth, it’s still mid-winter.  A lil frost won’t hurt a man Thang: Warmups.  Standard issue:  ATT, SSH, ISS, Humptys Head to city hall.  At …

2 Billboards Outside Lenoir-Rhyne University

  • When: 02/02/2018
  • QIC: Cropduster
  • The PAX: Herniator, Powder, Beaker, Suppository, Banjo, Udder Butter, Cheese Whiz, Publix, Humpy, Sooner, Patti Mayo

Pre-Run:  Herniator, Powder, Suppository, Bing, (maybe others) Pre-RAM Intel:  Cropduster ran the course ahead of time to “get his head right” Ruck:  Markup, Plank, Root, Bing,  (maybe others – they …

At Least Its Not Cold!!!

  • When: 01/05/2018
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Publix, Taz, Cousin Eddie, Beaker, Jordache, Kapowski, Powder

So YHC was torn as to what to do this morning at RAM.  Since its the first RAM of the year YHC considered 1st RAM/ Worst RAM and repeating one …

Backblasts are fun

  • When: 12/29/17
  • QIC: Kapowski
  • The PAX: Patti Mayo, Herniator, Shaggy (Raleigh), Cheese Whiz, Sooner, Phlegm, Humpy, Suppository, Powder, Publix, HBC, Jenny (FNG), Jordache, Cousin Eddie, Beaker, Hot Lips

Warm-o-RAMa SSH x 15 Hill Billies x 15 Cotton Picker x 10 High Knees x 15 Mosey to Howitzer- about 1.4 miles   In cadence: Dips x 15 Incline Merkin x …

Birthday RAM

  • When: 12/08/17
  • QIC: Suppository
  • The PAX: Cousin Eddie, Powder, Sooner, Cheese Whiz, Herniator, Roadkill, HBC, Fuse, Patty Mayo, Phlegm, Flamer, Peaches, Jordache, Kapowski

YHC had been making it known all week that Friday at RAM was my birthday Q. I got my first surprise to see Mr. Arrow himself, Fuse, pre-running with Powder. …