No Pre-run for Snips…

  • When: 01/13/18
  • QIC: Audit
  • The PAX: Babyface, Spokes, Woody, Wile E, Swinger, Twin, Snips, Rooney, Goodwill, Friar, Gump (FNG), Audit (QIC)

I rolled up to the State Champion Hibriten High School campus around 6:15 for a pre-run. I noticed that a few of my F3 brothers had already made it there. …

An FNG Friendly Workout and Splash Merlot

  • When: 12/02/2017
  • QIC: Friar
  • The PAX: Friar (Q), Double Bogey, Baby Face, Audit, Twin, Snips, Wile E., Swinger, Prius, Rooney, Shoe Box, Original Goodwill, Nutmeg, Grout, Woody, Sprinkles (FNG)

Conditions: Unusually Warm The Prelude to The Thang: Double Bogey – 5 miles Friar – 3 miles Snips – 0; he’s still talking about last week’s prerun, that he ran …

PSA: Snips Made it to the Pre-Run

  • When: 11/25/2017
  • QIC: Twin
  • The PAX: Twin(Q), Grout, Audit, Double Bogey, Friar, Swinger, Snips(He made it to the pre-run), 8-Way

Snips: “Hey guys, Ill be at the Pre-Run in the morning” DB: “Alright man, Ill be there. #HC” …..morning of Snips: “Dude, where’s  my DB” DB: “Nobody likes Snips, I’m …

Sir Mixed A Lot

  • When: 11/11/17
  • QIC: Wile E
  • The PAX: Prius, 8-way, Rooney, Grout, Test tube, Babyface, Swinger, Audit, Twin, Woody, Goodwill, Drawbridge (FNG)

All I can say is Brrrrrrr. Below freezing at a workout for the first time this year so we had to keep the body moving.. It was a random day …

Climbing, Copperheads, and Bruce Lee

  • When: 10/21/17
  • QIC: Audit
  • The PAX: Gore, Snips, Twin, Goodwill, Rooney, Baby Face, Swinger, 8-way, Woody, Audit (QIC)

It was a cool, brisk morning at the Den. Ten begrudging PAX showed up for another Audit beatdown. We were thinking about all our brothers running in the Tuna 200 …

Q School, After a Beat Down

  • When: 10/14/2017
  • QIC: Twin
  • The PAX: Grout, Friar, 8-Way, Goodwill, Audit, Snips, Wile E, Rooney, Double Bogey, Baby Face, Woody, Twin(Q)

YHC had the Q this morning, so I assumed it would be a low number. Much to my surprise, we had 12 PAX show up. Lucky for them, I only …

Can I have a minute to think?

  • When: 9/30/2017
  • QIC: Goodwill
  • The PAX: Grout, Rooney, Prius, Audit, and GCP/OG/Goodwill/Cherry/___________(insert new name)

We started with 4 PAX and finished with 5… not a typo. Warm-up SSH x 15 IC Windmills x 15 IC Merkins x 10 IC Arm Circles x 15 IC …

Hit the Quad

  • When: 9/2/17
  • QIC: Rooney
  • The PAX: Double Bogey (Que Ball), Snips (Loud Mouth), Spokes (Swede Mobile), Twin (Wormy Hawk), Audit (Atom Bomb), BabyFace (Mountain Man), Grout (Kraut), 8-Way (Albert), Goodwill (POTUS), Friar (Grave Digger), Rooney (Nutmeg) (Q)

11 Pax showed up for my VQ at The Den.  I enjoyed being the Q and hope to do it again. Warm Up: SSH x 15 IC Humpies x 15 …

Make Me Better

  • When: 08/26/17
  • QIC: Baby Face
  • The PAX: Goodwill, Twin, Snips, Friar, Baby Face, Rooney, 8-way, Grout

The PAX showed up this morning to make ME better. Everyone struggles with some of the regular exercises and today we are going to fix that! Warmup (x15, IC) Side …

Brick Beatdown courtesy of Audit

  • When: 08/19/17
  • QIC: Audit
  • The PAX: Grout, Snips, Twin, Babyface, Wiley, 8-way, Goodwill, Rooney, Audit (QIC)

Warm-up: SSH x 15 IC Windmills x 15 IC ATT x 15 IC LAC x 15 IC Reverse x 15 IC IST x 15 IC Lazy Doras – With a partner, …