Sprints and Burpees and critiques.

  • When: 10/10/17
  • QIC: Short Sale
  • The PAX: Sweet Heat, Has Been, Patti Mayo, Doughboy, Steam Engine, Daewoo, Shark Bait, Velma, Daphne, Zebra, Short Sale

This morning Mountain View was wrapped in a humid cloud of yuck and breathing was much like the first couple of breaths you take when you get the wind knocked …

Ed’s Sermon at the Mount

  • When: 09/19/17
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Has Been, Short Sale, Velma, Doughboy, Gremlin, Daewoo, Sweat Heat, Quick Lube

Conditions:  Sober Thang: Disclaimer (You don’t want to get sued do you?) Warm Ups:  SSH, ATT, Old Man Windmills, 5 burpees Partner up: 10 partner squats, 20 partner derkins Mosey …

BLIMPS at The Mount

  • When: 09/07/17
  • QIC: Doughboy
  • The PAX: Gremlin, Quick Lube, Sweet Heat, Steam Engine, Short Sale, Slick Shoes, Zebra, Shark Bait, Daewoo, Doughboy

A couple of days before my Q, Short Sale had mentioned that we hadn’t done some partner workouts in a while.  I told him not to worry that it was …