F3Hickory, F3GrantieFalls, F3Taylorsville Take on Endure 5K Trail Run, 2.0 Soldier Run, and 5k Soldier Run

  • When: 09/24/16
  • QIC: Plank
  • The PAX: F3 Hickory ; Cropduster, Awol, Bing, Taz F3 Granite Falls : Udder Butter, Friar, Assid, 2-Stoke, Banjo, PBR F3 Taylorsville : 3-Dog, Part Time, Pedro Martini, Trainer, Plank 2.0s : Nerf, PETA, Pickles, Mario, Monkey, Chalupa, Hatchet

15 Pax from area AOs and 7 2.0s Posted for the Tyler Sims Memorial Endure Challenge.  This was a 5k Trial Run, Jr. Soldier Run, and a 5k Soldier Run on the grounds of Sims BBQ.  Tyler Sims was tragically killed on his road bike in Hickory about a year and a half ago.  I didn’t know Tyler personally, but what i do know of him, he would be a great F3 brother.  He loved the Lord, loved biking and endurance events and his family is continuing the Endure Challenge in his name.  So this great event was being held in the backyard of F3 Hickory, F3 Taylorsville, and F3 Granite Falls so YHC could not think of a better reason to gather some willing PAX and show the men of this area what F3 is all about.  OK YHC was not well informed of the distance of the Soldier Run, so it may have been a little longer than we expected, by hey that’s what we train for.  Conditions were warm and dry but they had all of the mud i could stand, good old western NC red clay.

First was the 5k Trial Run, great course around the grounds of Sims BBQ.  F3 Pax really showed up in a big way, hardware was brought home in most age groups.  Assid, 2-Stroke, Udder Butter, Taz, Bing, PBR, Part Time, 3-Dog, Cropduster.  That is correct 9 Pax brought home hardware in this event!!  Great showing by F3, proud of all of you guys.

Next was the Jr. Soldier Run for the 7 2.0’s.  Great course set up with all of the ingredients of a full Soldier run and our little Soldiers brought it. Great seeing these kids tackle the obstacles and really performed well.  We had 5 FNG 2.0’s that we named also.

Ok for the Ultra Runners (14 of our 15 runners) took on the 5k Soldier Run.  Challenging course across the grounds of Sims BBQ.  The entire PAX  performed very well, and finished strong considering the challenge of running an Ultra event.  Some of our PAX had never ran a mud run and they ran over it like they were seasoned pros.

The Ultra Event is the combined 5k Trail Run and 5k Soldier Run, and Bing was the overall #1 in the Ultra.  Congrats to you Bing for a job well done!!!  Hey that is a pretty nice trophy too!!

YHC could not be happier with the efforts of these men.  Great seeing Friar, Banjo, Trainer, Pedro Martini and Awol.  Trainer took a bad fall during the Soldier Run but when they called for medic he said “no I’m  finishing this thing” and he did.  Well done brother!  Pedro said after it was all over “i didn’t know what #CSAUP stood for, but i do now”.

Melissa Sims was very appreciative of F3 and would love to see us back next year to defend the Ultra title.  Thanks to all who participated!

Plank Out

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