Plank drops 25s at #Star

  • When: 09/29/16
  • QIC: Plank
  • The PAX: Slag, Cable Guy, Taz, Part Time, Hotlips, Plank

Little slow to develop this am in the gloom, must have been a great day for fartsacking, but eventually the Cable Guy machine rolled in as well as Taz, then we got things started.  Great seeing Tuesday’s FNG Slag show up, he said something about being sore, but yes that will happen.  Conditions were perfect, mid 60’s and gloomy, here is what went down, so try to keep up.

@ Shovel Flag

  • SSH      IC x 20
  • Att     IC x 20
  • Lunges     IC x 10
  • Choppers      IC x 15

Mosey PAX 1 lap around PL to covered area for some of the following wall work.

  • Aussie Mnt Climbers     IC x 10
  • Muhammad Allies     IC x 20
  • Wonder Bras     IC x 20
  • Joe Frazier’s     IC x 20

Move to center of covered area for 1 round of Jack Webs

Wall walk 10′ section of wall for a finish

Mosey PAX back around PL to the starting point for a few rounds of 25’s.  Simple 4 corners and at each corner 25 reps of a variation of an exercise usually pinpointing a specific muscle group.

Round 1

  • Burpees     OYO  x 25 (mosey to next corner)
  • Squats     OYO  x 25 (mosey to next corner)
  • Monkey Humpers     OYO x 25 (mosey to next corner)
  • Copperhead Squats     IC x 25 (mosey to finish)

Round 2

  • Merkin     OYO x 25 (mosey to next corner)
  • Left Staggered Merkin     OYO x 25 (mosey to next corner)
  • Merkin     OYO x 25 (mosey to next corner)
  • Right Staggered Merkin     OYO x 25 (mosey to finish)

Round 3

  • IST     OYO x 25 (Mosey to next corner)
  • Hillbilly     OYO x 25 (mosey back to Shovel Flag…out of time

Great working with these men today, we really had a good time.  Good mumblechatter is a litmus test for good fellowship and enjoying the moment.  YHC wanted to do a little more with the upper body today due to lots of running lately, not that is anything wrong with that Hotlips….Great seeing Slag, he is really strong and already catching hold of this thing.

Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama, and announcements.  Apple Festival 5k on 10-15 also F3 Family Day on 10-15 at 4-6PM New Hope Baptist Church.  See you all there.


In your anger do not sin: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry. Ephesians 4:26

We as men have a way about us to bottle up our sin and not talk about it or try to reconcile it.  This leads to various spiritual sicknesses that we cannot overcome on our own.  We must have a relationship with God in order to confess our sins and through Him and Him alone will be healed from spiritual sickness.

If we do not trust that God is good and loving and able to heal the sickest parts of our souls, we will always struggle to freely and frequently confess our sins to him and to one another. When we let the sickness of sin grow untreated in our souls, we turn away from the healing balm of God’s Spirit and instead inflict wounds upon ourselves and upon others, often upon the people in our lives that are the dearest and most loved.


Plank led us out in prayer for the Kirby Family and the recovery of the lost little girl as well as Taz’s upcoming trip to Europe.

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Sir Plank – Family Day on Oct 15 has been set for 3 to 6 pm. THREE to SIX pee mmm. 3-2-6. Got it? It’s on Twitter, Email, Smoke Signals, etc. Now y’all show up – yes YOU! It will ONLY be FUN if YOU show up. Your workout looks like it was fun. I’ve really got to get back to #STAR real soon. #staraintfar