Truly an Honor

  • When: 9/28/16
  • QIC: Markup
  • The PAX: Twig, Two-Stroke, Friar, Suppository, Banjo, Assid, Tender (FNG), Crock, (FNG)

This morning I had the honor of being the Q at and leading the men of Granite Falls for 45 minutes. Hopefully this early morning workout made us all stronger and helped us to have a great day. I truly am honored that THE Twig asked me to Q and that he sent a reminder on Monday! Granite Falls is a little further than I typically have to drive so I left in plenty of time and was the first one there. I had to get my mind right. There were 2 FNGs this morning so I explained that I am not a professional and if they have any questions just ask or watch everyone else. Here is how the morning went:

Side Straddle Hop x20 IC
Imperial Storm Troopers x20 IC
Alternating Toe Touches x20 IC

The Thang
Mosey across the street to the warehouse
Air Presses X20 IC
Cross left leg over right leg
Cross right leg over left leg
Balls to the Wall with 5 vertical pushups

Mosey to Bojangles Hill
(not sure what this is called but there was a Bojangles sign in a trailer @ the top of the hill)
Short Jacob’s Ladder
Burpees at bottom and LBCs at top (1 – 5)

Freddy Mercuries x20 IC
Merkins x10 IC
Dolly x20 IC
Diamond Merkins x 10 IC
Rosalite x20 IC
Wide Armed Merkins x10 IC

Short Jacob’s Ladder
Squats at bottom and Burpees at top (1 – 5)

Ring of Fire x 2
1 man does Merkins while everyone else planks
1 man does Dying Cockroach while everyone else does LBC/RBC

Mosey back to Mackie’s Furniture

Dangling Box Cutters x20 IC
“something else”
Calf Raises x5 per leg
Monkey Humpers x 10 IC (had a request for them)

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.
Ephesians 5:25

Men, if we love Christ and strive to follow Christ then we will love our wives just as Christ loved the church. We should be willing to give ourselves for our wives. If we follow the model that Christ set then we will be the head of the household and our wives will be willing to submit to us.

Great to see 2 FNGs show up.
Crock – Mike worked out in Crocs all morning.
Tender – Jesse lives near a chicken farm
I look forward to the next time I can Q or workout with Granite Falls

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