Old ER – still sucks

  • When: 10/03/16
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Twig, Taz, Herniator, Bing, Friar, Sooner, Short Sale, Retread, Root, Abraham, Tooth Fairy, Jordache, Plank, HBC, Beaker, Igloo, Markup, Publix, Kapowski, Cropduster, Band Camp, Powder, Banjo, Suppository, Cousin Eddie

The Original Thang

The is a timed AMRAP that is run with weights, unless you choose to run “naked,” meaning without weights. The course starts at the corner of 3rd Av and Center St, just below Frye Hospital. The pax runs up the hill on Center St to the stop light at 5th Av. There the pax does 20 merkins and 20 crunches. Then it’s down the hill and into the first stairwell in the parking garage. Run up the stairs to the top deck and do 20 merkins, run back down the stairs and do 20 crunches at the bottom. Hop up and run through the parking garage to the other stair well. Run to the top for 20 merkins and back down for 20 crunches. Run back to the corner of 3rd Av and Center St where it all began. That’s one lap. On each subsequent lap take off one merkin and one crunch. The object is to see how many laps can be completed, with weights, in 45 minutes.

Sucks doesn’t it?
Here are your official results:
Glass Joe Weight:
Suppository – 5.25 x 33 lbs = 330.75 pts (Winner) 
Kapowski – 5.5 x 30 lbs = 330 pts
HBC – 5.25 x 21 lbs. + 1 trivia point = 268.75 pts
Herniator – 7.5 (tied w/ personal and ER record for naked laps) = 225 pts (Winner, Naked laps)
Tooth Fairy – 6.25 laps, naked = 187.5 pts
Band Camp – 5.5 naked = 165 pts
Bald Bull Weight:
Abraham – 5.25 x 40 lbs = 367.5 pts (Winner)
Taz – 5 x 40 lbs + 1 trivia point = 351 pts
Powder – 5.25 x 30 lbs = 315 pts
Bing – 5 x 30 lbs = 300 pts
Retread – 6.75 naked = 202.5 pts
Short Sale – 6.5 naked= 195 pts
Cropduster – 5.5 naked = 165 pts
Root – 5.25 naked = 157.5 pts
Friar – 5 naked = 150 pts
Banjo – 5 naked = 150 pts
Plank – 4.75 naked = 142.5 pts
King Hippo Weight:
Markup – 4 x 60 lbs = 360 pts (Winner)
Igloo – 4 x 58 lbs = 352 pts
Publix – 4.25 x 20 lbs = 212.5 pts
Jordache – 7 naked = 210 pts
Sooner – 6.25 naked = 187.5 pts
Beaker – 5.5 naked = 165 pts
Cousin Eddie – 5.25 naked = 157.5 pts
Twig – 5 naked = 150 pts
Part 1 from Abe – Hebrews 12: 1 “Since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses lets us lay aside every encumbrance and sin which so easily entangles us and run with endurance the race set before us”
Part 2 from CE – Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”
– 25!  Thanks for posting everyone.  That made it all worthwhile to me.  Y’all made me all proud of you.
– 8 made it to the 300 Club.  Impressive.
– Not sure who else got to witness Herniators speed at the start, but it was fast.
– Sooner held 1st place for approximately 15 seconds.
     – YHC was in 2nd place for less
– I have to trust what I’m told:  Suppository put 33 lbs in his vest?  Um, ok then.  If that’s what it takes to bring home the Glass Joe Gold, then so be it.  Congrats on the 0.5 pt victory.
– Has anyone checked in on Abraham?  Pretty sure he’s a candidate for an IV
     – Ditto for Igloo
– Markup made it to the King Hippo class by 0.5 lbs.  Also slightly iffy.  Sorry Igloo.
– Now all you little dudes know what it’s like for YHC, Twig, and Beaker to run around town.  Actually that’s what we would feel like on the moon because you probably still didn’t wear enough to top 200.  A stiff wind would blow some of you little ones down.
– didn’t notice what kind of BoBos Jordache was wearing but he popped his ER Cherry today w/ 7 laps.  I feel a new record next month.  Just 0.75 more laps will do it.
– Taz prayers for a safe trip to Hamburg.  More prayers that your aim is true on that ISIS cell you’re going to take out over there.  Corning my ass.
– Be safe people.  See you in the gloom on Thursday.  WV calls for Cousin Eddie.


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For 0.5 seconds I actually thought I was going to pass Herniator when you dropped the flag. Then I realized he was fiddling with his #dicktracywatch and then he was off like a midget shot out of a cannon. It was awesome! I am proud of all you guys for doing so well. For the record – yet again I win the #reallyoldman category. I will gladly accept a mega bottle of Ibuprofen #vitaminI as my reward. Thanks CE for mustering 25 souls for this trip to Hell and back.


I had a gear time and remembered why I hated the ER. Thanks for arranging it and pushing to get us out there. It was also nice visiting with everyone as they flew past me! Best medal ever!


It’s nearly noon and I’ve come down with the ER flu. Body aches all over. There was a very good reason we changed the concrete beast. It’s a killer.
Cuz, why wasn’t there a prize for the overall winner??? I think you owe me a steak!


Next Year’s Overall Winner prize should be #RingersLactate – they will need it! #hookmeupbuttercup


I know you said these were official results Cuz, but YHC has filed a grievance with the WBF. Still waiting on the results of the appeal.