The Post ER Anniversary Blues

  • When: 10/4/16
  • QIC: Publix
  • The PAX: Beaker, Freud, Root, Squintz, Igloo, Jordache, Re-Tread, Scotch, Mash Bill, Fuzzy Ballz (Not sure how to write with a British accent), Short Sale, Kapowski, Billie Jean, Publix

So yesterday was our 2nd Anniversary for the ER AO and 25 PAX posted for a brutal competition so I didn’t expect too many to rise to the challenge this morning, however, thankfully I was wrong and we had a strong showing at Expresso this morning. As we say “We don’t get up for easy” so I tried to give the PAX their money’s worth this morning.


Humpy’s In Cadence x 16

Alternating Toe Touches IC x 16

Side Straddle Hops IC x 16

Arm Circles IC x 16

The Thang:

Moseyed over to the track at the elementary school for a little 4 corners:

Corner one, basketball court: Bear crawl across and back, then Merkins

Corner two: Lunge Walk

Corner three: Burpees

Corner four, playground: Pull-Ups

We did 4 laps, lap 1 20 reps, lap 2 15 reps, lap 3 10 reps, lap 4 5 reps

Mosey down the steps to the wall:

Wall Sits w/ Overhead presses IC x 15

Over to the half wall – Step Ups OYO x 20 then Incline Merkins OYO x 15

Back to the wall again for Wall Sits w/ Overhead Presses IC x 15

Back to the half wall for Step ups OYO x 20 then Decline Merkins OYO x 15

Mosey back to the flag in the parking lot of St. Lukes for some Ab work

WWII sit ups IC x 20

Freddie Mercury’s IC x 15

RBC’s IC x 15

Plank Jacks OYO x 25

American Hammer IC x 15

Pretzel IC x 8 each side

We then circled up for Announcements:

Mountain View Launch is Saturday, November 5th

October 15th is F3 Family Fun Day at New Hope Baptist Church

Did the Count-Off and Name-O-Rama and then the WOD:

WOD was inspired by a conversation I had with my son about Anger. I looked at / read the following passages:

Ephesians 4:26 – 31

James 1:19 – 20

Proverbs 29:11

James 1:20

To summarize in my own words: God instructs us to not sin in our anger and to try to get rid of our anger. However, there is recognition that as people we will get angry but cautions us to be slow to anger and try to bring calm in the end.


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