Eleven Alive! #RunningWithFriends

  • When: 10/05/16
  • QIC: Cropduster (Respect) (WD)
  • The PAX: Suppository, Scrubby, Markup, Flamer, Squints (Respect), Fuse, Jordache, Funkie, Hot Lips, Sooner (WB)

YHC posted the route on Twitter yesterday and this morning we had an awesome ELEVEN men roll in ready to run.

Conditions:  Perfect-a-Mundo (lower temps, lower humidity, dark)

The Thang:  the good thing about running in Viewmont and Downtown in Hickory are there are all sorts of turns you can take, thereby adding some variation to the run.  Today we did about 5.5 miles.  We quickly found a nice climb up 4th Street by Oakwood Cemetery which slowed down conversation just a bit.  It was noted that the #ArrowMen don’t fully follow the protocol of street running.  Always run facing traffic.  When running with a group always have the entire group on the same side of the street.  It’s just safer this way.  Sometimes sidewalk placement is a cause to run “with” traffic, but that was not the case today.  Men, let’s be safe out there.  And visible.

We passed the gym at Aiken-Black and saw the men on the ellipticals talking to the #Fern.  That was sweet.  We passed the Carolina Theater and noted that Ghostbusters was playing.  Pass.  We passed the ER and YHC thought about a round of the ER, but got enough of that on Monday.  We found another good climb up 127 past the Catholic church.  We turned left on 17th Ave and circled around by the Lake Hickory Country Club – I really enjoyed the snappier pace at that point.  Then we finished strong.

We got pretty spread out today, but that was good because we all knew where we were going.  YHC lead from the rear of the pack and I was happy there.  Then we did the most important part of the #:

COT:  Prayer requests were lifted for:

Humpy – tightness in chest, short of breath during running – he is seeing Cardiologist today and having stress test tomorrow.  PRAY.

Markup – his mom Brenda Shanks has just been diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  PRAY.

I read my favorite Bible passage – the 23rd Psalm.  This Psalm gives me so much:

  1. hope
  2. encouragement
  3. comfort during difficult times
  4. praise during joyous times
  5. rest (love lying in green pastures, still waters)

As we go through the JOYS and the TRIALS of life on planet Earth, may we Christian brothers find strength in knowing that “Thou art with me.”  Amen.

It was truly an HONOR, gentlemen.

Croppie out.

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