Getting To Higher Ground

  • When: 10/08/16
  • QIC: Friar
  • The PAX: 8-way, 2-Stroke, Assid, Banjo, Twig, Udder Butter, Snips

It was a soggy Saturday morning in the GF; so it was obvious we needed to get to higher ground! (By the way, the dampness did not stop YHC, 2 Stroke, and Udder Butter from getting a little pre-run in!)


  • Took right off and ran from parking lot up to gravel parking lot at entrance to SCHS. (A little mumble chatter about needing a warm up…little did they know!)
  • SSH IC x 25
  • Hillbillirs IC x 25
  • ATT IC x 25
  • Windmills IC x 25
  • Little Arm Circles IC x 15 (Both forward and reverse)
  • Star Jumps OYO x 15

The Thang

Run down to other parking lot. Decided to show PAX one way to get out of water is using a BLIMP (Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Storm Troopers, Merkins, and Plank Jacks)!

  • At Point 1 do BLIMP (10-reps/exercise)
  • Bear Crawl to Point 2 another BLIMP (9-reps/exercise)
  • Walk to Point 3 another BLIMP (8-reps/exercise)
  • Rev. Lunge Walk to Point 4 another BLIMP (7-reps/exercise)
  • Walk to Point 5 another BLIMP (6-reps/exercise)
  • Kareoke to Point 6 one last BLIMP (5-reps/exercise)

Now it was time to show the PAX another flood safety procedure, The CLIMB (Crab Jacks, Lt. Dans, Imperial Squats, Mtn Climbers, Bobby Hurleys)! We reversed the course and it went like this:

  • Point 6 do a CLIMB (10-reps/exercise)
  • High Knees to Point 5 do a CLIMB (9-reps/exercise)
  • Walk to Point 4 do a CLIMB (8-reps/exercise)
  • Defensive Slide to Point 3 do a CLIMB (7-reps/exercise)

Mosey to Block Pile grab two red bricks and line up

  • Alternating Curls for Girls IC x 25
  • Alternating Shoulder Press IC x 25
  • Side Shoulder Laterals IC x 25
  • Tricep Extensions IC x 15/arm

Mosey back to where it all began for a whole lotta Ab workout!

  • LBC IC x 25
  • RBC IC x 25
  • Freddie Mercury IC x 25
  • Flutter Kicks IC x 25
  • Pretzels IC x 15/side
  • American Hammers IC x 25

Count-a-rama: 8



  • Romans 12:9-13; Marks of a Christian
  • Announcements
  • Prayer

As always it was an honor to lead these men to get better. You guys are a blessing to me every time we meet up in the gloom!

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