Eleven Alive – #GraniteStrong

  • When: 10/12/16
  • QIC: Cropduster (WD) (Respect)
  • The PAX: Friar, Udder Butter, Twig (Respect), Suppository, Band Camp, Scrubby, Markup, Banjo, Old School, Parasite (WB) (FNG)

Last Week, YHC Q’d #Arrow on Wednesday and we had 11 Men run the streets of Hickory.

Today, YHC Q’d #  and we had 11 Men run the streets of Granite Falls.

I will ponder the number 11 and see if there is some meaning in it for me!

COT:  Yes, we had our COT at the beginning today.  Some of us (7) ran Course 1 (longer).  Some of us (4) ran Course 2 (shorter).  We wouldn’t all finish at the same time so I decided to start with the COT while we are all together.  Ephesians 5:25 says:  “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her.”  Loving our wives (or significant other) requires us to: 1) Actively Listen to the details of her day if she needs to talk about it. 2) Be prepared to deal with and talk calmly about “unplanned purchases” when money is tight and 3) Be prepared to buy flowers and say “I’m Sorry” when we do something wrong.  I just used examples from my own marriage in the last couple weeks – there are many more ways us husbands or significant others are called to make sacrifices for our wives.

FNG:  Today, Old School brought an FNG – Rodney.  Rodney just graduated from ASU with a degree in: Cellular Molecular Biology.  I think that’s what it was.  Way too scientific for my pea brain!  We will for now and evermore know him in the F3Nation as Parasite!  Welcome, Brother.

After a brief lecture on safety while running in the gloom (dark, foggy, hilly) – we were off running DOWN Dudley Avenue.  It was downhill, but there were potholes to avoid, cars to watch out for (what are ELEVEN men doing running this hour in Granite Falls?), doggies to miss, and road crossings to maneuver.  We then turned on #somestreet that came up by GF Elem School, then turned right on Highland Avenue.  At the top of that long hill, we turned left on #nobodyknewthenameofthisstreet and ran past the Rec Center.  at this point the 4 smart ones turned back for home.  7 dummies continued on ahead – without a sidewalk for a bit and turned right on Bert Huffman (he used to be the mayor) Road.  We followed this road down, down, down, then up, up to South Caldwell High School (SCHS).  We ran all the way around the school building, avoided the school buses leaving for their morning rounds and then Up, Up, Up those hills back to the Street With No Name.   We then turned right on Montclair Ave, left on Allen St, right on Highland Ave and up, up, up that #dernlonghill to  Main Street.  Then we hung a left and ran 3/4 miles back to our starting point.  All combined we ran about 47 miles!

It was a Good Day!

Prayer Requests:

  • Humpy has a Heart Cath on Friday
  • Markup’s Mom (recently diagnosed with Esophogeal Cancer) has Endoscopy tomorrow
  • UB’s daughter Bailey had MRI for back problems and will get results Monday
  • Pray for folks who have posted to our AOs, but are not currently coming – EH them
  • Hurricane Matthew victims and challenges
  • School Teachers
  • UB has a mission trip for disaster relief to Johnsonville SC


Cropduster out!

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