Where’s Jordache?

  • When: 10/12/16
  • QIC: Sooner
  • The PAX: Cousin Eddie, HBC, Fuse, Kapowski, Powder, Squints, Beaker, Billie Jean, Abraham, Thunderdome, Jordache, Hot Lips


North on 127, turn right on 28th ave, turn right on 2nd street NE, left on 26th ave NE, turn right to go up Rooster Hill, past Hampton Heights Golf Course towards LR.  Turn right on 8th Ave NE, across 127.  Either turn on 4th street for 5.5 miles, or 6th street for 6.0 miles.  Back to Corinth.

Jordache took off in a flash, and was out of sight before we passed Mcdonalds.  That came back to bite him because he took a wrong turn somewhere and was no where to be seen back at Corinth.  We waited for a few minutes, did the Countoff, Name-O-Rama, and Announcements and finally Jordache comes strolling up.  Turns out he made a wrong turn and ended up running 7.3 miles.

Word of the Day:

Luke 6 27-36 “Love your Enemies”


F3 Family Fun Day Saturday 3-6, tell Cropduster you coming

Whipping Stick Saturday morning 6:30-7:30 w/ Jordache as theQ.

Abraham and some F3 Columbia members going to Haiti next Thursday for about a week to help with disaster relief.  Ask Abraham how you can help out financially.

Smokey Mountain Relay – Ask HBC for more details.  12 man team, only has 5 committed so far.

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