Records Fell at RAM (Jordache too!)

  • When: 10/14/16
  • QIC: Cropduster (Respect, WD)
  • The PAX: HotLips, Tooth Fairy, Scotch, Friar, Herniator, Markup, Root (Respect), Powder, Suppository, Plank, Igloo, Jordache, CousinEddie, HBC(Respect), Sooner (WB), Beaker, Bing, BillieJean, UdderButter, Flamer, Publix, Kapowski

23 Men Got Up Early for .  1 drove 30 minutes from the other side of Lenoir to get here (Friar).  2 drove from Granite Falls to get here (Suppository and UB).  Some ran to get here.  3 PAX arrived early for a Pre- run.  Record Attendance today at .  All kinds of CrAzInEsS going on over at LRU this morning.

Started off in the Parking Lot:

  1. SSH
  2. High Knees – as led by Tooth Fairy – the HK Beast!
  3. Butt Kickers

“Follow the Leader” run through campus:

  1. Pat the VolleyBall Statue on her Bottom!
  2. Circle around the Bear Statue #TheCharge
  3. Some Parkour up by the Cromer Center
  4. Circle up at PE Monroe for Lunges
  5. Run around the Saxaphone
  6. Agility Work – slalom course – Jordache Falls, maybe another?
  7. Grace Chapel for Squats
  8. Plaza behind Cromer for – Irkins, Derkins
  9. Lineberger Building for….JORDACHE’S – Muhammed Ali’s with some #HipAction #NewMove
  10. Rhyne Building for Step Ups
  11. Science Building fly by, Library fly by, Parkour action
  12. 7th Street for a 5k – actually a 0.5K (Sprint)
  13. Run to SALT Block
  14. Plank Set
  15. Ab Set – flutters, DCR, Freddie Mercuries
  16. in Honor of Humpy – wall jumps, hill climbs x 3
  17. Wall Sit, etc
  18. To 127 for Monkey Humpers led by #themainmonkey Markup
  19. Gorilla Humpers as led by Plank
  20. Run to FRMC parking deck – to Blue Deck – take SELFIE, Parkour Jump off top deck (in my mind)
  21. Run down RAMP to Yellow Deck and out to street
  22. Down to 8th ave, over to 127, then up the long hill back to our AO.
  23. Maybe other stuff – YHC was making this up as he went along!

Naked Moleskin:  YHC got to LRU early this morning to do Recon work at this awesome AO which doubles as my Alma Mater. (HBC pulled up at the same time for Pre-RAM, but HotLips and Markup had already left, so he took off after them.)  I went to school here from 1975 – 1979.  It was noted this morning that that was before many of the PAX were born.  My goals this morning included introducing the PAX to some of the campus, do a little parkour work (I really want to do more), run at least 3 miles, have a good hearty workout, and last but not least have FUN.  Mission Accomplished – for me at least! We spanked the bottom of the female volleyball player in front of the gym, we ran a lap around the bear, and we did a slalom course.  In the course of doing that, the young Jordache (aka SkinnyJeans) tripped and fell.  There was word that Kapowski may have fallen too, but that was not confirmed.  All are OK.  We said “hello” to Martin Luther, we saw another bear (smaller than the first), we made up a new move (The Jordache – muhammed ali punches while adding in a little J-Lo side to side action – all with GUSTO!).  Jordache will officially unveil it at Whipping Stick tomorrow!  WE ran up ramps, up/down steps, on sidewalks, on streets, across the grass.  When we got to the SALT block YHC noted that Humpy really hated to jump up on those walls, run up the hills and back down the stairs.  So we did them 3 times in his honor.  (he was at FRMC about to undergo a heart cath).  We did Monkey AND Gorilla humpers – thanks Markup (our resident monkey) and Plank – our GH expert.  WE ran over to the parking deck at FRMC and took a crazy selfie.  Hot Lips is renting out advertising space on his forehead (see the pic).  Then we ran back to the AO, after going by the YMCA, across 127 and up that long hill.

RECORD:  I haven’t checked the official record books, because there ain’t one – but we all agreed that 23 PAX at RAM was a record.  With that many folks there is a certain ENERGY that is fun and there is a lot of mumble chatter which is both confusing (when trying to count cadence) and fun.  It was a good morning!

Prayer Requests:

  1. Humpy having a heart cath today
  2. Markup’s mom visit to oncologist on Thursday (optimistic report yesterday)
  3. Plank’s friend Jim who has terminal cancer – that he will turn to God in his hour of need.
  4. Hunter Schronce – Root’s son – we have been praying for him – he is doing good and is starting a new job next week!
  5. F3 Haiti trip – including our own Abraham – pray for their safety and their work.
  6. Udder Butter is going on a mission trip Sunday to Johnsonville SC for disaster relief work.


  1. F3 Family Fun Day – tomorrow – if you have not signed up – not too late.  Let Crop know now.
  2. Smokey Mountain Relay – they now have 6 on the team – in search of 6 more.  April 2017


  • They are expecting their 3rd child.  Yes, M-Bing is pregnant!  That is GREAT News.  Congratulations, Brother!

WOD – From 1John4  GOD is Love: Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. 10 This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 11 Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. 12 No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.

This morning was SO MUCH Fun for this War Daddy.  It was good to be alive and hanging with you men today!

Cropduster out.


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Crop, to set the record straight on who actually fell: Jordache and Suppository. YHC remained upright but does appreciate your concern.