Root Don’t Play

How it went down (more or less).

“Root” is surprised to know he has the Q – However, he did show up and “Root” don’t play!

Warm Up

Side Straddle Hop X 30IC

Merkins X 15IC

Alternating Toe Touch X 30IC

World War II Situps X 30IC

Imperial Storm Trooper X 30IC

Dollies X 30IC

Squats X 30IC

Flutter Kicks X 30IC

Low Plank/High Plank

Run Around St. Luke’s through the back side and into the courtyard

Pull ups X 10

Alternating Step Ups X 30 IC

Decline Merkins X 15IC

Incline Merkins X 15IC

Lung Walk IC

Pull Ups X10

Decline Merkins X 15 IC

Alternating Step Ups X 30IC

Incline Merkins X 15 IC

LBC’s X 30IC

Freddy Mercury X 30IC

Run to Courtyard Wall at Corinth

Wall Sits

  • Muhammad Ali X 30IC
  • Shoulder Press X 30 IC
  • Regular Sit Ups X 30 IC
  • V Sit Ups X 30 IC
  • Low Plank High  Plank
  • Freddy Mercury X 30 IC
  • Merkins X 15 IC

Run to the Flag

Side Straddle Hop X 30 IC

Cock Roach X 30 IC

Rosalitas X 30IC

High Low Plank


  • When Moses was grown…he went out to his brethren and looked at their burdens. Exodus 2:11
    • Moses saw the oppression of his people (A vision from God)
    • Took things into his own hands and was called out on it (Didn’t wait on God to tell him what to do with the vision)
    • Becomes fearful flees to the desert for 40 years (Paid the price and God had to shape his character to be able to handle the vision; Do it on God’s terms)
    • God calls him to fulfill the vision and bring His people out of bondage (Moses now feels inadequate but is obedient)

When God Speaks (gives you a vision), wait on His terms & power to fulfill the mission.

One a little lighter note: Make sure you “Root” is strong and beware of “belly sagging low plankers.”

  • But since they have no root, they last only a short time. Matthew 13:21 (Where would you guys be without me?)






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