2nd Annual Family Fun Day in Hickory

  • When: 10/15/16
  • QIC: Cropduster

It was a BUSY day in the @F3Hickory Region:

  • Whipping Stick (bootcamp)
  • 300 (bootcamp)
  • Copperhead Creek (bootcamp)
  •  Various pre-runs
  • Taylorsville Apple Festival 5K
  • ….and the F3HickoryFamilyFunDay!!

We think the FINAL number was 54 PAX who came to New Hope Baptist Church for some #Awesome2ndF.   We did this stuff:

  • Threw a football
  • Played Cornhole
  • Played Bocce
  • Disk Golf
  • Ladder Ball
  • Beach Volley Ball
  • Bubbles
  • Swings
  • Jungle Gym
  • Playground
  • Talked
  • Laughed
  • Met New Folks
  • Some did Pull Ups
  • Headstand
  • Cooked Burgers and Dogs:  Thanks to Plank, Taz, and Roadie(FNG)
  • Ate ^ That Stuff plus slaw, chili, chips, cupcakes, cookies, etc
  • Talked, Laughed, Played some more
  • Name-O-Rama – this took quite a while since we had a lot of naming to do (M’s and 2.0s, etc)

Naked Moleskin:  That stuff above is what we did.  But the real thing we did was enjoy each other’s company.  We got to meet wives, children, babies.  We got to know one another just a bit better than we did before.  We talked about football games.  We talked about our workouts.  We made fun of each other.  We talked about our families.  We fellowshipped.  We bonded.

Thanks to:

  1. New Hope Baptist Church for letting use their facilities
  2. My wife Diane (Sweet Tea) for making chili, slaw, cupcakes, shopping
  3. Taz for leading the Name-O-Rama
  4. Taz, Plank, Roadie for cooking
  5. the PAX for coming

It was a good day to be ALIVE and to be a part of the F3Nation!

Cropduster out!

ps:  I may come back and edit to include ALL the PAX names – but the recording is 20 minutes long.  Maybe later.  You know if you were there.  Have something to add – that’s what the “Comment” section is for.  Go For It!

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